There's definitely a spine-chilling breeze in the air and it's not just because it's almost Halloween.  

The Met Office has issued its forecast for this spooky Saturday and Sunday.

And it looks like trick or treaters will need to wrap up warm or at least parents will need to bring a coat so we don't ruin those creepy costumes.

Whether you've had your costume picked out for weeks or you're still looking for a bargain, here's the weather you can expect whatever you have planned this Halloween.

Oxford Mail: Two children trick or treating with pumpkin buckets. Credit: CanvaTwo children trick or treating with pumpkin buckets. Credit: Canva

What's the weather going to be like in Oxfordshire this Halloween?


Saturday is the better day in Banbury this weekend with the town seeing highs of 13 degrees and lows of 8.

The day won't start out well with rain expected throughout the morning. 

But by lunchtime, this should clear into sunny intervals and remain dry for the rest of the day.

On Halloween itself,  Trick or treaters beware because the weather is looking a bit varied this Sunday.

The morning will start off cloudy and will turn to rain around mid-morning. 

There is a high chance of rain throughout the afternoon but it should dry off sometime after sunset which is at 4.39pm.

We should see highs of 12 degrees with lows of 7 throughout the day.


Like Banbury, the better day for trick or treating will be Saturday in Oxford

The city will see temperatures as high as 13 degrees with lows of 9.

The day will start out rainy but there should be sunny intervals by lunchtime.

There is little chance for rain in the evening which is perfect for trick or treating.

On Sunday, we also start out with light rain which will continue throughout the morning. 

It is expected to clear up into sunny intervals with possible light showers from around 3 pm.

From 6 pm, it is a drier picture but the temperatures will drop from 13 to 7 degrees so bring a good coat if you're out.


Good news for Henley, it looks like it's going to be a dry day on Saturday. 

Temperatures are expected to rise to 14 degrees with lows of 9 degrees.

Although the day will start out with some light rain, this should break by lunchtime into sunshine.

There is a low chance of rain in the evening which will delight trick or treaters.

On Halloween itself, the weather is looking fairly bleak. 

There will be clouds and light showers in the morning and a high chance of rain throughout the day.

We should see highs of 13 degrees and lows of 8 with the rain clearing in the early evening.


Saturday will be a dry day overall for Witney with temperatures set to rise to 13 degrees. 

There is a chance of light showers in the early morning but this should change to sunny intervals by the early afternoon. 

Trick or treaters will be pleased to hear that the evening should be dry with little chance of rain. 

On Sunday, locals should expect light showers throughout the morning. 

It looks like the day will improve into sunny intervals by the later afternoon though. 

Temperatures are expected to reach highs of 13 and lows of 8 degrees.

The evening looks like it will be dry but cloudy with the sun setting at 4.41pm.