Readers reacted to news that Oxfordshire County Council had put on hold plans for a new Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme in Headington.

The council was initially expected to launch its consultation for a new LTN in Headington and the Quarry area in either November or December this year.

But on Friday, officials said the plans would be paused while it 'reviews the scheme against the fit with the wider transport strategy for the city'.

A spokesman added that the council was looking for 'long term changes that will have the effect of reducing traffic across the city and improve the air quality for everyone'.

The news had Oxford Mail readers and social media followers split.

PUSHPA CHAURE: I hope they remove the ones on Temple road area too, as it adds another 30 minutes to my journey everyday, which is not good for carbon emission.

JOHN45761 (TWITTER USER): The LTNs have been biggest disaster we have faced in Oxford in years, no other policy has divided & caused so much traffic gridlock & misery. They all need ripping out & let's have constructive policies to reduce traffic like cheaper public transport & free P&R for big employers.

'BRIAN' (TWITTER USER): Politicians should solve problems and not create new ones. If you want to reduce the speed of motorists in some streets you can use speed cameras (extra money for city council) or bumps. Closing streets increases traffic jams in other streets (Cowley road) increasing pollution.

There was fierce debate on the Mail’s website.

WEST QUARTER JAY: Apart from Jericho where it seems the petrolheads have won, where would you put a North Oxford LTN? Most of the area is served by historic LTNs - it's just nobody realises because they've been like that for decades.

Modal filters at Hayfield Road, Dragon Lane, Aristotle Lane, Bainton Road, Roger Dudman Way, North Parade, Charlbury Road, Harbord Road, and Templar Road. Dead ends and natural barriers in much of the rest.

There's a case for sorting Sunnymead a bit better, and maybe stopping Wolvercote Green being a short cut, but that's about it.

LEAVINGOXFORD: What about all the roads between the Banbury and Woodstock Road - Moreton Road, Lathbury Road, Oakthorpe Road, Rawlinson Road, St Margaret’s Road etc? All used by non-residents to cut through. I'm not in favour of any of the newly introduced or proposed LTNS, but do think North Oxford unfairly escapes many of the more loony experiments inflicted on East Oxford.

TINGLY NEURONS: I gather that some residents of old Marston want one -- apparently the ‘no motor vehicles except for access’ signs aren't being obeyed.

MAGNIFICENT SPAM: Thank goodness for that. Now please abandon the bus gates (including the existing ones), the P&R and stop making life worse for drivers. The more LTN and bus gates, the more they make people drive further and increase pollution. Just getting to my GP is nearly 3x longer due to having to go via the plain instead of Speedwell St.

YOUNGOFFENDER: Since LTNs have become a proxy class war (snobbish residents wanting to keep the noxious proles out of their streets vs. gas-guzzling rat-runners looking to spite anyone with a house worth more than theirs, take your pick), the only solution is one that impacts everybody equally: a swingeing congestion charge within the ring road. With traffic now depressingly back to pre-pandemic gridlock, it's the only fair way to make people really think about their journey and change their habits. Traffic evaporation CAN be achieved, but only by hitting the idle school runner and the recreational shopper in their pocket.

22FRED: Last week at 4.30pm cars were queued from the traffic lights at the bottom of rose hill (Church Cowley junction) back to Rosehill roundabout because the traffic lights don’t have a filter to allow cars to turn right to Cowley. This will only get worse if they close the roads between Cowley & Iffley roads. If this is what the city council consider to be an improvement, then they confirm my suspicions of them all living in la la land. Hopefully come may and local elections people will remember the chaos and disruption they have caused and get rid of them once and for all, before they have chance to strip Oxford of its last little bit of the city it once was. Remember, it is also your money via council tax they are wasting.

UNITEDWESTAND: Some LTNs may work in helping traffic but for me the two huge offenders in the plans (never looked much further than the two) were Dunstan Road and Quarry Hollow. How can they think closing one of the only two exits to these two 'estates' was a good idea?

Everyone on Northway would be forced onto Headley Way and Everyone in Quarry would be forced onto London Road right by Green Road. The two roads are busy enough without forcing more traffic onto them and with Northway it would push more traffic past both sides of New Marston Primary putting it in the middle of two roads gaining more pollution.

CALLUM KEOWN (writing on Facebook): Welcome to the era of stupidity. Pushing the problem of traffic and pollution on someone else’s doorstep.

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