An alleged modern slavery victim was beaten with a baseball bat then dumped at the side of the road, police said.

It wasn’t until the following day, September 1, that the man – who was wearing a tie dye hooded top and black jacket – was able to flag down a driver on the A40 between Wheatley and Oxford.

The Good Samaritan, believed to have been a black man driving a white Mercedes, dropped the stricken slavery victim near St Aldates police station in Oxford city centre.

Detectives investigating claims the man had been exploited in London want to speak to the driver who took him to the police station.

Det Con Alex McGregor of the Metropolitan Police said: “The driver of the Mercedes provided much needed help to the victim in this case and he is extremely grateful that he dropped him off close to a place of safety.

“We need to identify the driver and speak to him about the incident to progress our investigation and would urge him to come forward.

“The victim is white with short/shaven hair, does not speak English and was wearing dark Puma tracksuit bottoms, white trainers, a black jacket with grey sleeves and a white and yellow tie dye hoody.”

Police said the 41-year-old man arrived at St Aldates police station on September 1, when he told officers he was the victim of modern slavery.

He claimed that on Tuesday, August 31, he was beaten with a baseball bat and dumped at the side of the road by a man who had been exploiting him in London.

The man flagged down a passing driver the following day, who dropped him off close to St Aldates police station at around 1.45pm.

He was unsure exactly where he was picked up from, but police officers believe it was on the A40 between Wheatley and Oxford city centre.

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