New public space Mount Place in Jericho has hosted its fifth public event of the year.

Hundreds of people attended the Jericho Octoberfest and sausages and beer were on the menu.

There were four live musical acts on a boat, courtesy of Towpath productions and seven stalls selling local crafts and books.

Community organiser John Mair said he was delighted that on Sunday, for the fifth time this year, the new public space by the canal bridge was used for public fun.

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A Christmas market with St Barnabas Church choirs, singers and orchestra is planned for December 5.

The square, re-landscaped by Greening Jericho, is coming alive in positive ways for the wider community, say organisers.

Mr Mair added: "I am delighted that the Mount Place events have taken off with such aplomb and a bang.

"It shows what can be done in an active community with plenty of imagination and some elbow grease.

"Long may the public continue to use this public space. Come along, enjoy and support."

In July, Mount Place hosted an art fair.

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About 150 people attended, with 15 artists exhibiting and selling, and there were three bands playing on a moored canal boat.

So tempting was the sound of music that a female trumpeter, sailing past on her boat, joined in with the jazz band Bossa Nouveau for one number and later for their encore.

The event followed the success of the previous month's book fair in the same location.