Locals looking forward to celebrating Bonfire Night will have more options this year, as a number of supermarkets and stores in the county selling low-noise fireworks.

The increasing popularity of low-noise, or quiet, fireworks comes as several supermarket chains have chosen to stop selling fireworks all together.

Supermarkets have cited the anxieties the loud noises cause to pets, wildlife and elderly people as the reason for no longer selling them.

The low-noise versions are seen as friendly alternative to the loud bangs of traditional fireworks, as they still offer fun visuals and bright colours which spectators can enjoy.

These are the stores where you can buy low noise fireworks from in Oxfordshire.



Morrisons are selling two low-noise options this year, alongside their traditional range.

These are:

- Twinkle Low noise Fountain 2 pack - £12

- Sparkling Gems Low noise Fountain 4 pack - £6

Both of these are in the vast majority of stores.



A spokesperson for Aldi told the Oxford Mail that the supermarket will offer low-noise options at all of its stores and has also reduced its number of high-noise products.

They added: “All of our fireworks are labelled with a ‘volume rating’ so customers can make informed choices.”

Three low-noise fireworks are listed on the Aldi website which are labelled as ‘new 2021’.



This year Asda will sell one low-noise option alongside its normal range.

The TNT Rainbow Low Noise Selection Box Fireworks which described as assorted box of fountain fireworks which are ‘ideal’ for a low-noise firework party.

The product is available for £10 at the supermarket chain but can only be purchased in store.

Fantastic Fireworks

London Rd, Wheatley, Oxford, OX33 1JJ

Fantastic Fireworks in Wheatley has a large range of quiet and low-noise fireworks available through the store’s website.

These include fountains, Catherine wheels and flying-fish style fireworks.

The low-noise options range in price from £5.99 to £87.99.

Frog Orange Balloons

Windmill Rd, Headington, Oxford OX3 7BL

Frog Orange Balloons is a wedding and event business based in Headington which sells fireworks all year round, not just at Bonfire Night.

The store is selling a number of low-noise options including fountains, sparklers and Catherine’s wheels.

The prices for these products range between £1.50 and £6.

Sainsburys, Co-op, Marks and Spencer and Waitrose will not be selling fireworks this year.

Will you be buying low-noise fireworks this year? Let us know in the comments below.