A BUS that crashed into a home in Headington over two weeks ago will not be removed until early next week.

On October 7, an Oxford Bus Company vehicle, which appeared to be 'driver-less' at the time, rolled into two council homes – one facing Morrell Avenue and the other on the corner of East Avenue.

The council has now said that the bus is likely to be removed 'by early next week', however, this will depend on the results of an asbestos survey that has already taken place.

It added that Morrell Avenue may need to be temporarily closed during the removal, or there may need to be a police escort, which Thames Valley Police are discussing with the bus company.

Overnight security will continue to protect the site due to its dangerous and insecure condition.

The family from Morrell Avenue have now moved out of the hotel into temporary accommodation, whereas the family from East Avenue have decided to stay in a hotel rather than move to temporary accommodation for a few days.

The family from East Avenue should be able to move back into their home once the bus is removed.

A spokesperson for the bus company said: "The situation remains complex and our investigation is ongoing.

"Our priority remains to get the bus moved as soon as it is safe to do so and we continue to work with key partners to achieve this."



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