A VOLUNTEER who dialled 999 after a man was stabbed in Blackbird Leys has spoken about the horror. 

Paul Scarrott was walking home from work last night when he spotted "a load of blood" on the floor of Gillian's Park. 

Initially, Mr Scarrott thought he had seen the aftermath of a dog attack but when investigators arrived at the scene to search for clues he was left in disbelief. 

Police have this afternoon confirmed that a man, who is in his 30s, was stabbed in Blackbird Leys Park before he walked through Gillians Park. 

Officers are now hunting for the attackers.

But Mr Scarrott said he did not see anyone at the park on his way back from volunteering at the charity My Life, My Choice. 

He said: “I was walking through the park, and I saw a load of blood – there was another lady with me too.

“Initially I was thinking maybe it was from a dog attack or someone had been beaten.

“So, I automatically went straight home to ring the police.

“They asked if I had seen anyone there, but I hadn’t, it’s a big area, I could see no one.”

After calling the police Mr Scarrott was asked to come back to the park to show officers where he had spotted the blood.

He added: “They found some other blood near the entrance of the park area, they then put evidence bags over it.

“I heard them saying it was a stabbing, and I saw shocked.

“I hope the guy is okay.”

Mr Scarott said more needs to be done to prevent knife crime in Oxford.

This stabbing is one of four stabbings that have taken place in the last month across Oxfordshire.

On Sunday night a man in his thirties was stabbed to death on Pinnocks way in Botley.

Early on this month, Lee Butler, also in his thirties, was stabbed in Barton.

There were also non-fatal stabbings in both Abingdon and Didcot.

Mr Scarott said: “Knife crime is scary, especially for the kids and girls walking in the parks, government and council need to put funding in to make these parks safer.

“Next time and I hope it doesn’t happen, it could be something more serious.

“It will get worse and worse.”



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