The trial of e-scooters in Oxford is now being expanded.

Since its launch in February in Headington, the e-scooter trial by Oxfordshire County Council and partner Voi Technology has attracted 9,400 unique users to sign up to use the app-enabled scooters.

This is part of an investment the council has made in the active travel infrastructure, thanks to the Department for Transport’s £2.9m grant.

After launching in Headington, the expansion of the trial covered Marston, Cowley, Hinksey, Iffley, Rose Hill, Barton and Florence Park.

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Now the scooters are being launched across the city centre, and can now be seen parked in many different locations including Frideswide Square and Becket Street. There are 24 new city centre racks and parking bays.

Oxford Mail:

Rented scooters can use roads and cycle lanes within the trial area but are illegal to use on pavements, Voi said.

Tim Bearder, cabinet member for highway management at Oxfordshire County Council, said: “I am pleased to see the progress of this trial with the positive uptake of registered e-scooter use through this government initiative, and its enablement of offering a practical and carbon-neutral alternative to the motor car for our busy city lifestyle.”

Oxford Mail:

The scooters are also tracked by GPS and regularly serviced. In addition, there will be slow riding, no riding and mandatory parking areas in the expanded trial area to ensure the safety of riders and other road users.

Voi said so far over 45,000 safe rides being taken by residents and more than 72,000 miles travelled, ‘replacing’ an estimated 14,000 short car trips.

A spokesman added that riders can now navigate north-south, east-west and through the city centre, including to and from Oxford’s train station.

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Oxfordshire County and Oxford City Councils are working closely with Voi, and continue monitoring and reviewing the scheme carefully.

Voi added that ‘responsible use of the scooters is crucial for the continued safety of everyone using our streets’.

It said: “A tightly monitored enforcement system operates, including mandated account restrictions limiting the use of e-scooters to holders of a provisional or full UK driving licence, and unique coding to each scooter. Irresponsible use of the scooters results in the user’s account being blocked. While private e-scooters are not currently legal for use on the public highway, the registered scooters are made compliant so they legally classify as motor vehicles and are subject to the same legal requirements. Speeds are capped at 12mph for Voi’s Oxford fleet. Riders must not use them on the pavements and must wear a helmet.”

Oxford Mail:

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Jack Samler, general manager at Voi UK and Ireland, said: “We are delighted that Oxfordshire county and city councils have supported our presence in this prestigious and historic city.

“By working together we can transform cities and Oxford has been an exemplary leader in this regard.”