THIS is the moment that a hot air balloon landed at Bicester Aerodrome.

On Sunday at around 4pm, a Virgin hot air balloon was in a controlled descent as it landed at the air field.

Prehaps unexpectedly to onlookers, the basket toppled over - but balloon enthusiasts say this is completely normal. 

A spectator, who didn't want to be idenified, captured the moment all on camera.

Oxford Mail: Hot air balloon landing at Bicester Aerodrome

Airfield services manager Alan Twigg said it is quite normal for hot air balloons to not land so softly.

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He said: "It is quite normal for the baskets to turn on its side when they land. When a balloon comes in to land it drifts with the wind and when they are drifting they need to avoid trees and make a touch down and occasionally it falls on its side."

Oxford Mail: Hot air balloon landing at Bicester Aerodrome

He added an invoice will be sent to cover the costs of the landing.

The Bicester Aerodrome has a long and continuous history of aviation activity, dating back to the pioneering years of flight.

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