Oxford Mail readers have been giving their views on whether cafes and restaurants should allow non-paying customers to use their toilets.

We asked readers the question on the paper’s Facebook page and lots of them responded.

The majority said cafes and restaurants should let non-paying customers use their toilets as there were a limited number of public toilets.

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JULIE LEITHY: “A lot of public toilets are closed down in towns now so it’s a big problem especially for people with medical issues and just one more thing to make people not want to go out and be isolated.”

NICOLA HALL: “Yes! Here are just a few reasons

“1: For a start it’s a natural human function (traffic and long queues are not!)

“2: There is a long list of medical reasons why someone might need to suddenly go and not be able to plan their route based on the few public toilets there are.

“3: There are hardly any public toilets these days, let alone clean ones!

“4: “You cannot claim to be an ethical brand and not support all customers. Stop talking about your business values and actually live them.”

CARYL GIBBS: “I once entered a restaurant in New Orleans with a group of friends and colleagues. Maybe six of us.

“As we were about to be seated, I asked the hostess if I could use the toilet before I sat down as I was quite desperate. They kicked all of us out rather than take the risk that I might pee and then not eat. I was hungry and needed a wee, but we had to find some place else to go. So dumb.”

LAURA GREENWOOD: “Yes, I don’t know why this is even a question.”

JAMES BUTLER: “Of course, but the real question should be, Should local councils use business rates money to provide better public toilets for all accessibility needs, to avoid people having to use the ones in shops or restaurants?”

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WELLINGTON MUZONDO: “Customer is the magic word here, you might not be paying at that particular time, but, a good business brain will understand that they will pay one day, also laying a good business foundation is also part of it, its human!”

BILLY LONG: “Say what you want about McDonald’s!

“They got great toilets, open all hours and always smell fresh and clean.”

ANTHONY MORRIS: “Yes, there is a need for those who have a medical need, or pregnant women.”

KIMBERLEY BOYD: “Yes. My daughter who is eighr weeks old has a medical condition. I often find myself stuck for places to change her if this happens.”

EVE OUSLEY: “I was in Starbucks once and a very obviously pregnant lady came in and asked to use the toilet. They said no even though they could see she was heavily pregnant. There was a train station next door but you had to pay to use the toilet there.

“Surely a huge rich company like Starbucks can afford to let someone use the toilet without buying a drink?”

CLAIRE WEBB: “Eve Ousley I thought there was a law that pregnant women can’t be refused.”

EVE OUSLEY: “Claire Webb There probably is, but Starbucks are known for being like this.

“I went into a Starbucks to use the loo once when I was absolutely desperate and I felt like I had to buy a drink. Almost £4 to use the loo.”

PAUL COMLEY: “Toilet access was horrible when I was a teenager and non-existent now, so where else have people got to go?”

NATASHA CONWAY: “Yes! Many people have incontinence problems or bowl issues and may not have the money to buy something just to relieve themselves.”

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JACQUI MCCARRICK: “Yes, they might come back another time, and it’s kind.”

CLAIRE RYMAN: “Yes I think it is the decent thing to do and people would be happy to help people that help the public when in need.”

JUNE TYRELL: “You should pay.”

TAL BAYLIS: “I have a toilet related disability and urgently needed the toilet so I ran into Costa because it was the closest, I had every intention to get something but they refused to let me use it until I ordered and paid. I almost had an accident because of it.”

CHRISTINE FITCHETT: “Yes they should let non-paying customers use their toilets as some people have bladder or bowel Damage and when they need to go they can’t hold it in.

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“No they shouldn’t be allowed to charge.”