Here is a selection of five cats at Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary that are looking for forever homes. 

The sanctuary rehomes up to 500 animals every year and has found 27,000 animals a new home since it opened over 50 years ago.

If you think you would be able to rehome one of them go to the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary website for more details. 

You can also sponsor any of their animals or donate to the charity's vital work.


Adopt a cat from Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary



Oxford Mail: Meet Foz. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal SanctuaryMeet Foz. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

Gender - Male

Age - 7 years old

Breed - Bengal

Foz is a timidy boy that is looking for an experienced owner to look after him. 

His new owner needs to have a lot of time and patience to help him settle in since Foz has been used as a breeding cat for most of his life. 

His new home needs to be adult-only and he can't live with other dogs or cats.

Interested in rehoming Foz? Find out more.


Flower and Fox

Oxford Mail: Meet Flower and Fox. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal SanctuaryMeet Flower and Fox. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

Gender - Female and Male

Age - 2 year old and 13 weeks old

Breed - Domestic shorthaired (torti and black coloured)

Mother and son, Flower and Fox need to find a forever home together. 

They are both friendly and affectionate can live with cat savvy children.

These cats will make lovely pets to a home without other cats or dogs.

Interested in rehoming Flower and Fox? Find out more.



Oxford Mail: Meet Missy. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal SanctuaryMeet Missy. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

Gender- Female

Age- 10 years old

Breed-Domestic Shorthair

Missy is a bossy lady that knows exactly what she wants.

Her new owner needs to be patient and experienced but will let Missy be herself. 

She hates hates being picked up by anyone , including vets.

Her love will be worth the earning though because once she trusts you, you will happily while away the afternoon on your lap. 

Her new home would need to be without other cats, dogs and children.

Missy has been diagnosed with a condition called Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy for which she is prescribed medication.

Vets recommend that she comes for check ups every 6 months but you can read up on her condition too.

Interested in rehoming Missy? Find out more.



Oxford Mail: Meet Billabong. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal SanctuaryMeet Billabong. Credit: Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

Gender - Female

Age - 11 years old

Breed - Domestic Shorthair

Billabong is a really sweet lady, who’s looking for a quiet forever home.

Her new owner need to give her a bit of fuss and cuddles but not too much.

She is looking for a new home without any other pets or children.

Interested in rehoming Billabong? Find out more.