A TIKTOK showing footage of a bus stuck in an Oxford home has gone viral.

Two weeks ago, an Oxford Bus Company vehicle, which appeared to be 'driver-less' at the time, rolled into two council homes – one facing Morrell Avenue and the other on the corner of East Avenue.

The incident has attracted lots of attention on social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter and has now gone viral on the video-sharing app TikTok.

NHS worker, Lewis Milton, 28, started documenting footage of the scene on his journey to work at the Churchill Hospital every day.

The first video, showing clear footage of the vehicle jammed in the home, was captioned ‘You can’t park there’ and has since been seen by over 391,000 people.

The bus still remains stuck in the home and is expected to remain for at least another week.

Lewis, who had previously never used the video-sharing app, TikTok, said he was completely ‘surprised’ about the amount of attention the video was getting.

The TikToker said: “I saw when it happened on Twitter that the incident was getting a lot of attention.

“I go past that road every day on my way to work so I decide to make a video updating people on the situation.

“I had never used TikTok before, but people seemed to like the update, so I decide to carry on doing it.

“I am slightly running out of ideas now though.”

Lewis has been providing those on TikTok with a daily update, explaining the current situation with the bus.

At present, the bus still remains in the Headington home and is likely to remain there for at least another week.

Lewis said the experience has made him want to go and film more Oxford-based news stories for TikTok in the future.

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