OXFORD United’s official charity has given out free tickets to people who attended wellbeing sessions.

The tickets were handed out by Oxford United in the Community to mark World Health Mental Day.

Among those to receive tickets was Sophie McCrystal, who attended sessions this summer delivered in partnership with Oxfordshire Mind and Easington Sports FC.

She said: “Supportive football sessions have been a great way for me to meet new people and develop my playing ability.

“I’ve found that football combined with our activities with Oxfordshire Mind have made it incredibly easy for everyone to connect and speak openly with each other.

“Everyone has sourced a new confidence concerning how we communicate with each other, and football has been a significant part of that.

“I cannot wait to cheer on Oxford United at a game very soon.”

Chris Lowes, head of the charity, said: “Providing every person in Oxfordshire with a positive connection with the football club is a core part of our values at Oxford United in the Community.

“It’s proven that football has the capacity to bring people together regardless of if a person’s involvement is at the local park, in an organised environment or simply watching a game on the terraces each Saturday afternoon.

“We’re grateful to everyone who has attended our multiple wellbeing sessions this summer and hope their matchday tickets help inspire further development and success both on and off the football pitch.”