It made headlines 35 years ago when the now-famous Headington Shark first appeared.

And now social media users are joking there is a new attraction in town - albeit an unplanned one. 

As previously reported, last week an Oxford Bus Company vehicle crashed into two houses on Morrell Avenue in Headington. 

Luckily no one was injured. But five days on, the bus remains protruding out of the house as its residents have been evacuated, with people heading down to the scene to witness it for themselves. 

Video footage, which has now been seen over 79,000 times on Facebook, shows the empty bus rolling down the hill, and crashing into a house while a man, believed to be the driver who was not on the bus at the time, walks slowly towards it.

The bus remains stuck at the home on Morrell Avenue and is expected to remain for at least another week.

People on social media are now comparing the crash site to another famous home not far away - 'the Headington Shark'.

Oxford Mail: Headington Shark and Morrell Avenue memeHeadington Shark and Morrell Avenue meme

One user has created a meme comparing the two sites which has now been shared more than 100 times on the social networking platform. 

'The Headington Shark' located on the roof of a terraced house in New High Street was commissioned by journalist Bill Heine in the 1980s.

The home has since become a landmark in the city with people travelling far and wide to see the quirky home.

Last week, people headed to Morrell Avenue after the crash to see the bus stuck in the home.

No one was hurt in the incident.