Following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, many people want GPs to start running face-to-face appointments again full time.

When the pandemic began in March 2020, the vast amount of surgeries turned to phone appointments or video appointments via Teams or Zoom in order to maintain social distancing.

In September, it was reported in the Daily Mail that Sajid Javid told nearly 1,000 GP surgeries to provide more face-to-face appointments — after they were found to be failing to meet basic patient needs.

The NHS states that due to Covid-19 GP appointments are likely to be by phone or video.

These types of appointments can 'save you time waiting for a face-to-face appointment and means you do not need to go into a GP surgery'.

We asked our readers on Facebook if they had any problems booking face-to-face appointments in Oxford, or if they had faced no issues at all.

This is what you said.

CHULIKA KYRIAKOU: "Almost impossible to get a face to face appointment! Best you can get is a call back from a GP relatively soon. Most times even the call back is after weeks, and sometimes not even by a GP but a paramedic!"

CARL PITSON: "Can only get a call back, been trying for weeks."

SAMANTHA STRANGE: "None whatsoever, throughout the entire pandemic. My doctor surgery has ran as efficiently and fantastic as ever. I have spoken to doctors on the same day via the telephone and when I did need an appointment it was booked in for the next day."

CANDY WATTS: "I got a same day appointment on Tuesday. Due to my symptoms I was seen in a quarantined area to protect vulnerable patients which made perfect sense."

LEAH ATHERTON: "No trouble getting an urgent appointment face to face. Fill in the e-consult and it will direct you whether you need to call the surgery for urgent assistance or otherwise - simply state that on the phone. My surgery has been wonderful as my daughter and I have been unwell since end of September and I've got 2 urgent appointments no issues at all as we genuinely needed them."

DONNA ROPER: "I’ve used e-consult a couple of times. One resulted in a call back the same day and the other required a face to face appointment, which was booked for me. No complaints here, but it’s much more difficult for those without internet access."

EVE OUSLEY: "I spoke to a pharmacist the other day and they were amazing and very knowledgeable, just as good if not better than a doctor!"

ELI HOUSE: "A relative of mine had no problems booking an emergency appointment but faced a few weeks wait for a regular appointment."

MARI WEBB: "Not had any problems receptionists and doctors have been great."

SARAH WHARTON: "I’ve had face to face appointments with no problem. It’s getting past the fully qualified receptionists that decide if your appointment is urgent or not!"

VICKY SHEPPARD: "Morland House Wheatley are brilliant."

SOPHIE JEFFERIES: "The receptionists don’t answer."

CHARMAINE GUNDRY: "My doctor as told me and my husband we can go see him. The Receptionist will not book us in."

WILLIAM O'DONNELL: "Absolutely no need to see the doctor anymore. Simply speak to the receptionist for all your medical diagnostic needs."

VIKKI ALLISON: "A lot of people are having issues in Banbury."

ROBERT SANDERS: "GP face-to-face appointments, what's that? They are seeing very few."