People have shared their reactions this morning to the scene of a murder probe on their street.

A murder investigation has been launched by Thames Valley Police after a man was stabbed to death in Oxford last night.

The victim, a man aged in his thirties, died of his injuries at the scene.

Valerie Lewis, 73, who lives nearby, said: "It is very quiet this side of the road, it's awful. I have never seen so many police. There were three ambulances and god knows how many police cars."

She added: "We see it on television programmes but you don’t see it happening here"

One local, who does not wish to be named, said: "It's really werid. I have never seen so many police here as it's quite quiet [usually]."

Another local, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "[It is] so shocking. Thank god I get my bus from outside my house. Fourteen years I have been here and nothing has happened like this before."

A friend of the man who died has called him a 'great lad'.

Darryl Morgan, 36, of Bayswater Road said: "He was a good friend. He was a quiet lad, a great lad.

"He was helping his mum as he was her carer.

He loved his cars, especially the old bangers.

"Even though he wasn't family, he felt like a relative."

Last night, news of the incident left residents feeling frightened and concerned.

One local, a 39-year-old woman who did not want to give her name, told the Oxford Mail: “Obviously, it’s frightening. There have been a couple of stabbings in Barton but no fatal like this. To think! It’s quite scary. I don’t let my children out anyway because I think it’s a bad enough place to be. You can’t let your kids out, you don’t know what’s happening to them.”

Another man, 53, out walking his dog expressed his frustration over anti-social behaviour and said he wished the police would do more. He said: “When we were kids we had respect for the coppers.”