An Oxford Mail story has appeared on a panel show on Comedy Central called The Complaints Department.

The show, which takes a look at some of the strangest grumbles and gripes to feature in local news articles, stars Jason Manford.

The panel was shown a post on the Witney Official Facebook site which was picked up by the Mail about a resident complaining about an item she could not "bring herself to name" she had spotted in a tree.

READ AGAIN: Facebook pile-on after item 'I cannot bring myself to name' stuck in tree

The post drew some support but quite a lot of mockery.

Our story was headlined "Facebook pile-on after Witney resident complains about condom in tree."

The last word is obscured and the panel is asked to supply the missing word in the headline.

One suggestion from Russell Kane is "soup" while comedian Jimmy Carr suggests "hotel room".

As the poster writes: "Congratulations Spotted Witney, you’re officially famous!"

Helped by the Mail, of course...

Oxford Mail: