Plans to make safer cycle routes around Oxford resulting in the loss of almost 650 parking spaces has prompted debate among readers.

Oxfordshire County Council has opened a public consultation for a so-called ‘cycle quickway’ scheme, which would see wider cycle lanes created and more 20mph limits on routes into the city centre.

However, to accommodate the plans, 649 parking spaces will be lost – most in east Oxford.

They includes 195 on Cowley Road and Oxford Road, and 132 between Iffley Road, Henley Avenue and Rose Hill.

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Some readers backed the proposals while others were opposed to them.

SCOTT GALBRAITH: “The problem we have here is they don’t use them. Cry out for them but still insist on using the roads."

RICHARD HUTT: “Fine. I only go into Oxford for work. So if Oxford doesn’t want tradesmen that’s fine.”

GREG SHEPPARD: “I think massive joy at getting the space that should have been dedicated to cycle lanes 20+ years ago is a much better headline.”

STEVE DAWE: “Yes. Our junctions were at full capacity by 2018. We need to reduce car movements to make Oxford a liveable City. The city proposes knocking down one of the two multi-storey car parks at Templars Square, Cowley, as they have never been full. Also, research shows pedestrianised areas have better footfall than trafficked roads so less traffic is better for businesses as it is for cycling and walking.”

AL WILSON: “Yes. I currently use some of the parking spaces that would be removed under this plan but still support their removal - a cycle lane would be much more of an asset to our road than car storage.”

LUIS SHEPPARD: “Anything to do with cyclists are bad ideas around Oxford.”

GREG SHEPPARD: “You mean cars and drivers in Oxford. There’s literally no reason for cars in Oxford.”

GIORGOS KOUTSOGIANNIS: “Just create three-storey parking and profit.”

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RICKY VELOSO: “Absolutely yes! You should remove all the parking spaces and shut once and for all the access to Oxford. It’s about time for us to start using our horses again.”

SYLVIA CLARIDGE: “Only if they start paying for it and use them. Didcot put them in but you still get them (cyclists) using the road."

THOMAS SAUNDERS: “Angry that more money is spent on non road tax payers than those who pay.”


ANN WOODWARD: “Here we go again. Eventually Oxford will become a ghost town. No local shops as no one will use them.

“Nowhere to park without getting a fine again having a massive impact on the small local businesses. It’s laughable that you say cyclists can be fined but must of them are the problem giving false information to dodge the fines.

No lights no high vis jacket no using the cycle lanes and then they complain about being knocked off there bikes. The whole infrastructure needs sorting but all the council are doing is causing more problems than solving them.

“Yes I ride my bike to work. Yes I got knocked off because some idiot in a Mini thought he had the right to overtake me while I was overtaking a parked car. As usual didn’t stop. No witnesses.

“Probably caused by rushing around due to the LTNs and who knows what bright ideas they will keep coming up with.”

KHATE REH: “Cyclists also should be fined. This bring more controls and order to the roads. I am a cyclist and daily observer of cyclists who selfishly use the roads when there are off-road lines available for them to use. I also sometimes find the roads easier to use but of course if I am subject to fine I will be cautious not to do so.”

DORAN GRIER: “I live six miles from Oxford, we have no buses or trains. Soon to have 5,500 new houses on ‘protected’ Green Belt to support Oxford City’s ‘unmet need’.

“Are the OCC trying to create a town v county war?”

BECKY MADDEN: “But there also needs to be stricter laws put in to control cyclists like all those on the road, they are some very dangerous cyclists on the road, no lights, crossing red lights etc. who don’t take responsibility for their actions.”

GREG SHEPPARD: “There really isn’t. The evidence demonstrates your opinion is just reactionary nonsense.”

SAM MEADE: “On Barns Road cyclists can’t use lanes as cars half park on pavement and lane.”