An Oxford restaurant has launched its first seasonal arts programme, with the inaugural autumn-winter season exhibiting the work of Formworks Studio.

Wilding launched the seasonal art programme, called In Season, on September 30 at its Jericho restaurant on Little Clarendon Street.

The works of Formworks Studio, founded by artist Jon Llewelyn, are being exhibited until January

The exhibit features artworks in a bold, geometric style with a colour palette reflecting the autumn-winter season.

Mr Llewelyn, who works as a practising artist in Wales, said: “I am delighted to be collaborating with Wilding and to be the first artist to exhibit in their restaurant.

“I am presenting four single edition paintings, exclusively created for this programme, plus a number of signed limited edition prints to compliment the restaurants interior and ethos.”

Oxford Mail: Three Formworks Studio artworks included in the collection at Wilding Three Formworks Studio artworks included in the collection at Wilding

The four works are on display in the private dining room with the other works in the collection found in the conservatory, the dining room, the first corridor and stairwell.

The works and artists exhibited at Wilding will change each with season, reflecting both the time of year and the restaurant’s seasonal menu changes.

Mr Llewelyn draws his inspiration from the styles found in mid-century architecture, furniture design, graphic art and the Bauhaus movement.

He was influenced by these elements while he was studying typographic design at the London College of Printing.

Oxford Mail: Three of the Formworks Studio artworks included in the collection at WildingThree of the Formworks Studio artworks included in the collection at Wilding

The prints are uniquely signed and numbered, and limited to ten or twenty editions, due to Mr Llewelyn’s commitment to the originality and exclusivity of his work

Through Formworks Studio, he describes his works as embracing the ‘naturally occurring free and explorative creative process challenging the viewer’s sense of perception, depth and space’.

It does this ‘by exploring and exposing the boundless relationship of bold geometry, perspectives and colour play’.

Mr Llewelyn said: “My work really is about textual form and positive and negative space. The space between the shapes is as important as the shapes themselves.”

Oxford Mail: Jon Llewelyn with his artwork at WildingJon Llewelyn with his artwork at Wilding

Wilding owner, Kent Barker, said: “We are excited to host the first in a series of seasonal collaborations with creatives, artists and makers, which aims to create a dynamic, changing space for Wilding.

“We are very proud to have Formworks Studio kick things off with their reflections of the natural form which highlights our ever changing seasonal menus and we look forward to working with like-minded artists for future seasons.”

Formworks Studio In Season artworks at Wilding are available for purchase and range between £270 and £2400.