Forgive my ignorance, but I was led to believe that I was born in a country that was predominately Christian.

You report that children at Rose Hill Primary School in Oxford have been fed halal meat without the consent of their parents, and that the powers-that-be appear to be surprised at the furore. Can you imagine what would happen if Muslim children were fed non-halal meat?

I can - all hell would break loose and no doubt riots would ensue and demonstrations would be made in Oxford city centre. The council has powers to confiscate music centres if the noise emitted is too great, yet Muslims are now seeking consent to have the call to prayer to be broadcast from the top of the minaret off Cowley Road.

This may be acceptable in a Muslim country, but not in a Christian one. There are even calls by some clerics for Shariah law to be implemented in this country.

Excuse me, but this is, or was England, which has been a Christian society for hundreds of years. By all means continue to follow whatever faith you please, but do it in the privacy of one of your many mosques.