Oxford Mail readers have reacted to a proposal to turn the A420 into a dual-carriageway for its entire 30-mile length between Oxford and Swindon.

Swindon Borough Council’s leader David Renard also wants a direct rail link to the university city.

Council bosses in Oxfordshire have reacted positively saying the idea is worth investigating.

An Oxfordshire County Council spokesman said: “A critical area of interest for Oxfordshire County Council is the connectivity needs between Oxford and Swindon, including the future of the A420 corridor and improving rail connectivity.

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“Oxfordshire County Council is committed to working with England’s Economic Heartland and Swindon on review of future connectivity needs between Oxford and Swindon, including the future of the A420 corridor.

“In particular, we believe that this should be shaped by the planned EEH Oxford to Swindon connectivity study, which will look at connectivity matters from a strategic perspective, including consideration of rail, bus, freight movements, and other sustainable transport links.”

Some readers were sceptical about the investment happening any time soon while others took the opportunity to joke about Oxford’s rivalry with Swindon.

And some readers took the opportunity to say which road improvement schemes they thought were an even bigger priority.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: "Burford Bridge is a nightmare - that is the first thing that should be done in Oxfordshire.”

DEAN TRITTON: “Why would you want to get to Swindon any quicker?”

NEIL ROBINSON: “No, It’s getting away from Swindon that’s urgent.”

DEAN TRITTON: “At least you can get out quicker.”

JANET KINGDON: “A34, A40, A420, all should have been tackled years ago. Far too many accidents and lives lost.”

COLIN WOODLEY: “But first we have to talk about it for another 30 years. Then get Skanska to build it.”

HELEN WRIGGLESWORTH: “Shouldn’t they prioritise the A40 and turn that into a dual carriageway first?”

CRAIG BRYANT: “So, dual carriageway for 32 miles? Are they going to demolish the housing/villages that lines various spots along it or just build around those houses?

“If they demolish them, will they rebuild the houses elsewhere?”

MAX BARBER: “I think you know the answers to that.”

PENNY LING: “I think instead of encouraging more pollution - both petrol and noise.

"A park and ride direct bus system could be put in place with car parking at Stratton, Faringdon and Kingston Bagpuize near the roundabout.

“That way would lower numbers of cars.

“Stop the residents of villages like Southmoor and Kingston Bagpuize suffering over parking.

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“The current S6 takes ages, but if we had a fast bus it would cut back on commute times from over an hour to Faringdon to 30 to 40 minutes.”

DANNY YEE: “They need to fix Oxford first.”

NATASHA GILL: “Should have been done years ago.”


BRENDA TURNER: “When I was a kid the A420 was so busy with car transporters between the two towns.”

RICHARD HUTT: “Only need it on the side out of Swindon. No one really cares if they are late going in.”

ALICE STYLES: “The Witney Road is worse.”


MEL GILL: “Sooner the better.”

MARTIN CLARKE: “Won’t happen.”

SARAH YOUNG: “They need to sort out the one by Lodge Hill first.”

‘KATHRYN WHITBY: “Only about 30 years too late.”

GARY PRICE: “About time.”

MARK RUSHBY: “About time.”

ANDREW HAMILTON: “Should have been done years ago with flyovers.”

ANDREW WILLOUGHBY: “Should have been done years ago.”

RUDOLPH HUCKER: “No it will cause more traffic and damage to the environment.”

PAUL STRATFORD: “There’s always one.”

RUDOLPH HUCKER: “The road exists so they can’t exactly build it elsewhere.”

ALAN GREEN: “Rudolph Hucker me me me.”

RUDOLPH HUCKER: “Paul Stratford I don’t want this being built in my backyard, build it somewhere else.”