People in Oxford have been named the biggest fruit dodgers in Britain, new research has shown.

A study of regional healthy eating habits found residents of the city are eating just 13.4 portions a week.

This is followed by Cardiff (14.4), Glasgow and Edinburgh (14.98) which is compared to the UK average of 17 portions a week.

Dr Max Gowland PhD, chief scientific officer at FutureYou Cambridge said: “Our study shows a surprisingly wide range of regional differences when it comes to eating fruit.

“With the recommended ‘five a day’ portions of fruit and veg adding up to 35 a week, it suggests that millions of adults aren’t getting the nutrients they need.

“And it’s worrying that so much fruit ends up going to waste potentially amounting to an astonishing 170 million portions a week. We created Super Fruits+ because it contains 21 vitamins and minerals, many of which can be found in fresh fruit.

“Whilst consuming quantities of fruit daily is an excellent option, for those who struggle to attain that, these supplements have the benefit of not going mouldy in the fruit bowl.”

Coventry, on the other hand, has been named the fruitiest place in Britain. Residents there eat more than 20 portions of fruit a week, with their favourite sweet snacks being bananas, pineapples and cherries.

Biggest Fruit Dodgers in Britain

  • Oxford – 13.4 portions a week
  • Cardiff – 14.4 portions a week
  • Glasgow – 14.98 portions a week
  • Edinburgh – 14.98 portions a week
  • Birmingham – 15.75 portions a week

Fruitiest Places in Britain

  • Coventry – 20.02 portions a week
  • Southampton – 18.9 portions a week
  • Aberdeen – 18.4 portions a week
  • Newcastle – 18.34 portions a week
  • Sheffield – 18.06 portions a week

The study also found almost nine in 10 Brits say they should be eating healthier than they do and two in three Brits take vitamins and supplements to help.

It turns out that the younger generation needs the biggest help when it comes to a healthier lifestyle. Some 18 to 34 year olds say they have gone almost  eight whole days without any fruit.

When it comes to keeping hydrated, those 65 and older need guidance as on average they are drinking less than four glasses a day.

However, do not expect them to be tucking into a snack of avocado on toast, as it is officially the least favourite of older Brits – with over a quarter (27 per cent) shunning the fruit.