AN OXFORD man is using his electric car to offer free lifts for key workers who are out of fuel.

Jesper Ekelund, who lives in East Oxford, said in a post on Facebook: "Hoping the fuel situation gets sorted soon around Oxford and the UK. In the meantime, if you are a key worker needing to get somewhere and you are stuck without fuel then PM me.

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"Electric car driver here and happy to give any lifts if I can."

Jesper says no one has responded for help yet but he has helped voluntary group Oxford Mutual Aid with deliveries.

He said: "I haven’t had any requests from key workers yet but Oxford Mutual Aid reached out to ask if I could deliver food parcels. So I delivered some yesterday and will be doing another batch today."

Oxford Mutual Aid delivers more than 400 food parcels a week by car to 400 households across the county. Its Chair of Directors Muireann Meehan Speed said the current lack of fuel 'is putting a serious strain on us, and we are really struggling'.

The group is also in need of more volunteers.

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Asked how Jesper feels about owning an electric car while thousands of motorists struggle to fill-up their tanks with fuel, he said: "I’m obviously pleased to be insulated from the crisis personally, but it still affects us all directly or indirectly and I take no pleasure in seeing the queues at petrol stations or reading reports of ambulances struggling to get fuel for example."

Do you drive an electric car? 

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