Oxfordshire petrol: fuel shortages continue

Our live feed has now finished.

  • - Petrol stations have been struggling to get fuel deliveries due to a shortage of HGV drivers.
  • - This has led to people panicking to fill up their tanks, causing fuel to run out earlier than expected
  • - By 2pm yesterday, at least 12 petrol stations across Oxfordshire had ‘no fuel’, diesel nor petrol, left and their pumps closed
  • - Shell petrol station in Yarnton has fuel available.
  • - The lack of fuel across the county has had an effect on some organisations including volunteer group Oxford Mutual Aid and taxi firm Royal Cars.
  • - Army tanker drivers have been put on standby in preparation to deliver fuel in order to ease the chaos at petrol station
  • - Have you had problems getting fuel today? Let us know at


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