Oxford Mail readers have been having their say on the possibility that series eight of Inspector Morse spin-off Endeavour will be the last.

The third and final episode of series eight was screened on ITV on Sunday.

Some scenes were filmed on location in Oxford earlier this year, including in Wellington Square.

While some viewers were keen for Endeavour to continue, others thought it was perhaps time for the series to end.

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Some viewers said they were disappointed by the quality of Sunday’s episode.

GORDON HANKIN: “Last night’s episode was clearly written with a plan for at least another series in mind, the open threads of Thursday’s missing son and Joan and Strange’s relationship still to be resolved.

“I thought it was going to end, with the current series matching the number of original series episodes, but really happy if it carries on for one or two more series. Really enjoyed yesterday’s episode.”

ELAINE SPIRES: “Anton Lesser, Roger Allam and Shaun Evans are talented beyond words.”

HELEN REGAN: “Excellent actors but who is writing the story lines.”

MAGGIE PECKETT: “Absolutely love Endeavour...more please ..can’t wait for next series.”

HAZEL ROLLINS: “Was bit disappointed with last night I love it usually like I did with Morse, but not got clue as to what was going on.”

PATRICIA EDWARDS: “I hope it has a few more seasons.. love the series.”

Oxford Mail:

MARIA OSMAN: “Hope it’s not the last. I want to know if Sam is found.”

SYLVIA HALES: “I didn’t enjoy last nights episode at all.”

MALCOLM CLARK: “I want another series yes but last nights episode was probably the worse yet. Just my view.”

LINDA SMITH: “I love Endeavour but last night’s episode was like a far-fetched whodunnit.”

SYLVIE HALES: “I love Endeavour and I watch the repeats many times over but not last night’s.”

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DOREEN RALPH: “I thought it wasn’t the best too..a bit disappointing.”

CAROL HARTWELL: “It was a bit Poirot like though, to be fair.”

BRENDA WHITESIDE: “I agree it was a bit far-fetched and I wasn’t convinced at all by the winter weather effects.

“Morse himself has lost his endearing qualities I think and perhaps his drink ‘problem’ is a little overdone.”

JULIE REED: “I thought last nights episode was more Agatha Christie than Endeavour.”

GEORGINE MEADE: “Absolutely love the series and I can’t wait to see the next one.”

BARBARA PATRICK: “Hopefully another series to bring it to where he’s promoted and where the original Morse started.”

DIANE MOORE: “Last night’s episode was the most scary had me on the edge of my seat.”

PHIL BENDLE: “I think it might be the last, if Morse’s last line is anything to go by. (‘There’s a thaw coming’

LESLEY LAMBOURNE: “ yes I totally agree - if so, a brilliant hint and link. I wasn’t impressed with last night’s - trying to re-invent Agatha Christie, which didn’t in my opinion work at all.”

PHIL BENDLE: “True. One of the reasons why I hope there’s more. It would be criminal to end it like that.”

MIDGE HAWKINS: “Tonight was the worst Endeavour I have ever seen so boring!”

HELEN REGAN: “I usually like Endeavour but last night’s main storyline was silly beyond belief - is Hammer House of Horror in charge?”

LINDA BODE: “Wow, last night’s episode was so spooky.”

SHARON ADAMS: “Tonight’s episode was a triumph.”

DORIS KIERNAN: “I love Endeavour not Morse!”

JAYNE WALKER: “Hand on heart I think maybe if they get a ninth series they should bow out and if I was being honest I would rather remember this in a fond way rather than thinking they had started to drag a dead horse.

“I will always love these characters but maybe it’s time to start thinking they need to wrap this up.”

SUE CLEARY: “One of the best series available.”

BARBARA STUBBINGS: “Super series - a wonderful programme to watch.”

MICHAEL ROBSON: “I think S8 was hurried, not as good as S7.”

ANN ASHENDEN: “Bring back another series please, so much more to reveal, Morse is struggling.

“Thursday has so much going on - his wife is so bitter towards him - more please!”