Oxford Mail readers have been responding to the news that some headteachers have been receiving threatening emails regarding the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

Healthy 12-15 year olds whose parents have provided consent started receiving their jab – with The Cooper School in Bicester being first to start.

Headteacher Rob Whannel said the process was ‘extremely smooth’ with over 200 students being vaccinated out of 800.’

But head of Cheney School in Oxford Rob Pavey said he received an email from ‘a group of concerned parents’, threatening legal action.

He said: “There have been some anonymous groups that have been emailing headteachers threatening personal liability and legal action if the vaccination programme goes ahead.

“It’s quite unpleasant. It’s not a parent at the school, just a conspiracy group trying to make life difficult.

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“I know any parent would absolutely email me directly but this is an anonymous group. But it’s easy to ignore. It’s quite impressively mad.”

SAM DIAB: “Good.”

MARTIN HAYWOOD: “Sam Diab so you condone threatening emails?”

SAM DIAB: “No I don’t! I just don’t think that kids should be yet vaccinated and I have all the rights to an opinion.”


JOHN ROURKE: “Ah so the antivaxers are now adding teachers to the list of people they want to put on trial?

“Bit of an extreme reaction just because people are laughing at you isn’t it?”

PETER WILLOUGHBY: “Good, even teachers are telling kids to get it, are they the parents no, should they have this right to do that no.”

NATE JENNINGS: “Peter Willoughby they are paid to teach, thank god they get sound advice at school and it isn’t left up to parents like you.”

PETER WILLOUGHBY: “Nate Jennings that’s not teaching though is it.”

ALISON LEWIS: “If most schools are academies and not direct government organisations the headteachers and the academies governors may indeed not be protected in law.

“It’s something that everyone concerned should be looking into. Very worrying times for all concerned whether in favour or not.”

MARGARET NICHOLLS: “Good they should be arrested.”

MICHELLE SIM: “Good! Don’t enrol our kids on a medical trial and do not coerce or blackmail our children which includes the talks and vax videos many schools are making them watch!

“Medical jabs should be done at the doctors surgery like other medical vaccines our children have had where parents are with them so no coercion or pressure can be put on them.

“The whole charade is shocking. School is a place to learn not for medical procedures!

“They are our children not the Government’s so stripping us of parental rights for consenting to medical procedures on our children is a disgrace!”

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NATE JENNINGS: “Michelle Sim take your kid out of school then, and if you get money from the state for your kid then pay it all back.

They are your kids after all, you wont be needing government help.”

MICHELLE SIM: “Nate Jennings I don’t get a penny in government help thank you very much!

“I work and my partner pays a fortune in tax which pays goes towards schools who have the job of educating our children

“Why should I remove my child from school because I don’t agree with children being enrolled onto a medical trial where they are being pressured and coerced to take part in at school? The JCVI recommended not to vaccine children did they not?

“What do you not understand about that advice? Advice that the government have completely ignored which was based on data and research from Israeli studies!”

THOMAS WENSLEY: “Instead of commenting on here if people are against it contact your MP as they are there to represent you their constituents.

“Not the headteachers of schools who are only following what they got told to do.”

MARIA WEBB: “Thomas Wensley hooray someone with common sense!”

JOHN BROWN: “Thomas didn’t the Germans just follow what they were told to do? That doesn’t make it right or legal.”

DEAN GILES: “It’s not the teachers, it’s the government putting normal folk in uncompromising positions.”