Christ Church Meadow in Oxford is the most loved park outside of London, a new study looking at visitor reviews has shown.

The study by PoundToy revealed the 50 most loved parks across the UK.

All the parks in the study were scored out of ten on different factors including the percentage of Tripadvisor reviewers who scored the park, the number of annual Google searches and the total number of reviews.

A score of 6.62/10 saw Christ Church Meadow crowned the most loved park outside of London.

The Oxford park has a 4.50 rating on Tripadvisor based on over 1,000 reviews. More than 64 per cent of those reviews labelled the park as ‘excellent’ with a five-star rating, whilst only 0.07% of reviews rated the park ‘terrible’.

In terms of annual Google searches, Christ Church Meadow was searched 22,900 times by online users.

In second place, Seven Sisters Country Park in East Sussex followed closely behind with an overall score of 6.50/10.

When including the capital, the study found Richmond Park came out on top as the most loved park in the whole country with a score of 7.73.

Richmond Park had the highest annual Google searches of any park, at 949,500.

The Cornwall based Eden Project Park placed last with an overall score of just 2.15.