Jeremy Clarkson has blasted the M25 climate protesters as “smelly” “beardy people in Crocs”.

Insulate Britain targeted the M25 for a fourth time in little more than a week on Monday, blocking slip roads by gluing themselves to the carriageway and pouring paint on to the roads as part of their campaign to improve home insulation.

Mr Clarkson wrote in his Sunday Times column: “For the past week a handful of beardy people in Crocs, socks and high-visibility jackets have been trying to make people insulate their lofts by sitting in the middle of the M25.”

He went on: “They desperately want the happy life we have, but they are socially awkward and maybe a bit gauche.”

He also accused them of having “smelly armpits” and blamed Facebook for making them aware of other “miserabilists”.

He said “instead of sitting on motorways singing Kumbaya” they should be working hard on coming up with “new and environmentally friendly ways of heating our homes and moving about”.

Insulate Britain blocked the exit slip road at junction 18, Chorleywood, Herts, on Monday.

A separate protest took place near junction four of the A1(M), near Hatfield.

A third incident saw Kent Police prevent protesters from gaining access to the M25 carriageway at junction 1a, the Dartford River Crossing.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps called the protests "irresponsible" and "dangerous".

Some 41 arrests have been made so far today.