TWO major retailers are celebrating opening in Oxford.

HMV opened on Friday at the site of the former Gap store in the Clarendon Centre, with its opening creating 15 jobs.

Meanwhile, toy shop Hamleys opened in the Westgate last weekend.

Paul Williams, store manager at HMV, said: “It’s been a busy weekend but great to bring HMV back to Oxford and see the smile on people’s faces.

“You’ve got to look at other retailers which have been closing but we’ve opened this store and we’re growing.

“We’ve got lots of pop culture products and it’s about bringing in new customers.

“Of course, there’s still vinyl and there’s been such a push for it in recent years – it’s surprising to see the different groups of people who are going vinyl.”

Oxford Mail: HMV has reopened in Oxford. Picture: Ed NixHMV has reopened in Oxford. Picture: Ed Nix

Isidro Spinola, temporary store manager at Hamleys, said: “The weekend was good – it’s been good to hear people saying how fun it is to have a toy store in the Westgate.

“It’s been so good to see the kids coming in and playing with the toys.

“I’d like to think it’s exciting to get a piece of Hamleys here in Oxford.”

Mr Spinola said the new store has created 10 jobs, three of which are full- time, with an expected increase leading up to the Christmas period.