THREE schools are set to join Oxfordshire’s largest academy trust.

Cheney School in Headington, in addition to Barton Park and Bayards Hill primary schools, will become part of River Learning Trust (RLT) in February next year.

The schools previously made up the Community Schools Alliance Trust (CSAT).

Launching its consultation on joining RLT last autumn, CSAT told parents: “We are now at a point in our strategic planning that we can see the benefits of joining a larger successful local multi-academy trust which shares the high expectations and ambition for our schools to be genuinely great, inclusive and successful.”

Cheney School became an academy in 2013, before forming a trust with Bayards Hill the following year.

Barton Park joined the trust when it opened on the Barton Park estate in September 2020.

RLT is made up of 25 primary and secondary schools, 23 of which are in Oxfordshire.