Oxford has come second of the top 10 cities that buy the most art.

Artfinder, an art marketplace, found that 478 artworks are bought per 100,000 inhabitants in the city.

Salisbury was placed first with Cambridge, Gloucester and Chelmsford also ranking in the top five.

Oxford’s art lovers buy more paintings than any other kind of art, with oil and acrylic making up 44 per cent of all pieces bought.

All things nature is the preferred subject - landscapes, sea and sky and animal and birds are the most sought-after.

When it comes to style, the people of Oxford love both impressionistic (32 per cent of all purchases) and illustrative art (10 per cent of all purchases).

And, when it comes to the most popular colour, grey is the nation’s favourite, making up nearly 40 per cent of Oxford’s pieces and coming out on top in every arty city.

Oxford-based artist Alexandra Buckle, whose work is currently being displayed at the Oxford Art Society exhibition, said: “Oxford should feel proud that they have ranked so high, as the city has a rich cultural tradition. It houses wonderful art schools, galleries, exhibition spaces, and museums. I think there is plenty for independent artists to get involved in, as the city is constantly exposed to the arts and inspiring the people of Oxford.”