A PROTEST was held in Oxford city centre against 'rampant transphobia' in government and the police.

People were stood in St Aldate's opposite the police station waving LGBTQ+ and transgender flags.

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Abingdon Queer Action group was among those taking part and people were shouting phrases such as 'we're here, we're together, we won't be silenced'.

Twelve police officers were stood surrounding the demonstration to ensure the safety of those protesting.

Trans Oxford is the city's transgender support group, but said it was 'not involved in it nor are we promoting or supporting it'.

Hannah, of Trans Oxford, said: "The transgender community faces many issues in society and has been the subject of an unprecedented campaign of abuse, misinformation, disinformation, demonisation and hatred over the past few years instigated and run by a small group of people with extreme and false ideologies who want to try to eradiate trans people from existence.

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"While they won't see it as a biological condition and has always been and will always be part of human nature, we have found that the best way to counter this current hatemongering is to engage with a wide range of groups and bodies, correct and call out the deliberate misinformation and lies and educate them on the truths about being transgender.

"This is building a base of informed supporters and allies across all areas of society including government and other establishment bodies. Of course people in our community hold a wide range of views and some may feel the need to protest.

"We just hope that the behaviour of those who do protest does not provide more opportunity for demonisation and anti trans propaganda."

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