Readers have been having their say on the launch of Zero Emission Zone restrictions in Oxford city centre.

The city council is planning the restrictions for vehicles in certain city centre streets from next year.

Oxford Mail readers responded on Facebook and while some backed the plans, others were opposed to it.

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COLIN STRAUGHAN: “Cleaner more attractive city? Empty shops and plenty of homeless sleeping on the streets. Address the real problems instead of inventing more that you can charge money for. Do any of you who dream up these schemes ever walk through the town centre or talk to businesses and service providers? You could learn a thing or two about the urgent problems. Lastly, where will the money from the charges end up exactly?”

NOEL PRICE: “So true Colin, a money making scheme.”

HELEN TYAS: “Joe Public is not actually driving on those particular roads anyway.”

ADAM MANNING: “How many people have read the article?

“Specifically the part that lists the streets it will apply to... all pedestrian anyway. Stop your whinging it won’t affect you one bit.”

PAUL GRIFFITHS: “Don’t go there - reading on the train or car much better.”

LIZZIE LIGHTS: “Going to bother revolutionising public transport first - or just leave it so rich people who can afford electric cars can drive where they want and poor people who can’t have to cough up for a fine/ permit? Or in fact not be allowed to drive around their city at all?”

STEFAN WALTERS: “Just another tax and making the others drive further around the zone will actually create more emissions . Well done Oxford you absolute loons.”

LEE RAINBOW: “Will just keep on going to Reading or Milton Keynes.”

CALLUM EXLER: “I don’t understand How the shelves being empty connects to zero emissions being needed to be implemented?”

LIZZIE LIGHTS: “So taxi drivers will have to go electric (very bad for the planet) or pay the fine - increase fares for the people that rely on taxis - the sick the elderly people with special educational needs - people with poor mobility.”

DANIEL EBBERSON: “Another stupid idea from the clowns of Oxford council.”

JAMIE PULLEN: “Does this mean our road tax is going to be reduced, and insurance reduced?”

STEVE PATTERSON: “ANPR cameras at Botley flyover, Hinksey flyover, Sainsbury’s roundabout, Cowley retail roundabout, Green Road roundabout, Cutteslowe roundabout, and Pear Tree roundabout. That’s their bigger plan. Auto charged once you leave the ring road!”

RACHEL HARRISON: “The only general public using New Inn Hall Street and St Michael’s Street are disabled drivers trying to access disabled bays. What happens to those?”

TOM HAMMICK: “Transport to rural communities is not good enough.

“All this is going to do is push the traffic problems onto the ring roads, which is bad enough as it is. Insular way of thinking and hardly helping keep pollution levels down, just pushing it out of the city centre. Turning into a gated community.”

KC MCNICOLE: “Not only Oxford, Portsmouth as well.”

LIZZIE LIGHTS: “Great new income stream! just like CPZ and LTNs! Where will the money go and what will it be spent on?”

DAVID JOHNSON: “Provide adequate public transport first, not something that shuts down every weekend.

“Travelling from Tilehurst is a real headache now compared to 20 years ago and driving is often the only option.”

JAMIE ROWDEN: “Ridiculous - make electric cars more affordable then everyone might be able to drive them not just the super rich.”

DAVE ROSS: “We build cars at Cowley - shut it down if you can’t drive them.”

LIZZIE LIGHTS: “Or perhaps Charlie Hicks will cycle all over oxford offering people a ride in his rickshaw?”

RICHARD FRENCH: “Get on with it!”

DAVE ROSS: “How many of you councillors drive cars, get on your push bike from your country homes. You want to put people out of work in the car industry and look after your universities.Then give all the Green belt and building to students accommodation.”

JAMIE STEWART: “What a load of rubbish.

“Shops will be even more empty when service engineers pass on contracts to maintain the shops or pass on the charges which will in turn be passed to the customers!”