OXFORDSHIRE’S two Miss England finalists have reflected on a successful competition.

Oxford Brookes University student Alex Evangelou entered as Miss Oxfordshire, while Rheanna Cartier qualified as Miss Cotswolds.

While neither took the top prize, the duo was able to learn more about themselves with Miss Cartier even bagging work for a modelling agency.

The 18-year-old, from Kingham, won the bare face top model round, which bumped her into the top 20 at Miss England.

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She said: “I was really shocked when I found out I’d won, I was a bit confused to be honest.

“I didn’t make the top 10 but still had such a good time.

“I was told that for my age, it was quite an achievement, and out of the contest, I got contacted by a modelling agency and I’ll be getting some work with them.

“It’s been a really good experience and I’ve noticed my confidence has grown so much.

“I’ve made a lot of new friends – a lot of good friends.”

Oxford Mail: Rheanna Cartier entered as Miss Cotswolds. Picture: Vanitas LifeRheanna Cartier entered as Miss Cotswolds. Picture: Vanitas Life

Miss Cartier is now set to start a law course at The Open University in October.

“I want the flexibility of studying and work, and seeing how things go,” she said.

“Even if I don’t complete the course, it’s good to give things a go and that’s what I learnt doing Miss England – that having a go is something you have to do.

“It’s made me become more confident in myself as before I was really shy but this has built my social skills.

“I don’t want to repeat anything I’ve done before so I’ll study and work but there’s no harm in entering another contest.”

Meanwhile, Miss Evangelou said entering Miss England made her feel like she could ‘rule the world’.

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“I loved the entire Miss England journey, from being crowned Miss Oxfordshire to supporting charities within Oxfordshire and creating so many friendships with the Miss England girls,” she said.

“During this contest, I found out so much about myself – that I need to have more self-confidence and self-worth.

“On the Miss England stage, I felt so powerful and strong – like I could rule the world.

“I want to always feel like that, which is why I’m going to take time in learning how to be my best self.”

Oxford Mail: Oxford Brookes student Alex Evangelou aimed to become a city councillor in the local elections. Picture: Angie BeasleyOxford Brookes student Alex Evangelou aimed to become a city councillor in the local elections. Picture: Angie Beasley

Miss Evangelou said she will aim to compete in Miss England one last time while completing her final year studying social work at Oxford Brookes.

She said: “I feel as though I understand what is needed to become Miss England.

“I’m super excited to start in-class learning again.

“After a horrible year of Covid, I’m looking forward to hands-on education and preparing myself for life as a social worker once I hopefully graduate next year.”