Depraved child rapist kept video of his sick assault

Oxford Mail:

Sick ‘monster’ Sam Burton, who filmed himself raping a baby, claimed he was not sexually attracted to children.

But the 23-year-old’s iPad revealed he’d taken perverted videos of another child and had pasted the heads of people he knew onto indecent images of children.

Jailing him for 14 years and imposing an extended four year licence period, Judge Nigel Daly said: “Your actions were so depraved that, quite frankly, they defy belief.

“Not only did you carry out the acts, you decided to record what you did. That, in the end, proved to be your downfall.”

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Drinker booted pal into nature reserve campfire

Oxford Mail:

Street drinker Ellis Youds, who kicked his friend into a campfire then rained down blows on him, told jurors he thought his victim had tried to rob him.

The 24-year-old lashed out with such force that he appeared to have sprained his own ankle.

Jurors swiftly convicted him of wounding with intent, finding that he’d intended to cause his victim grievous bodily harm during the Grandpont nature park assault.

Youds was sent down for five years on the eve of his 24th birthday.

Oxford Mail:

Youds' swollen ankle Picture: CPS

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Sex order breach lands 22-year-old in more trouble 

Oxford Mail:

Paedophile Baris Gumus, 22, cried as he was jailed for two-and-a-half years for downloading child sex abuse images.

The Abingdon man’s collection was described by Judge Nigel Daly as being of the ‘most disgraceful and disgusting nature’.

Since 2017, he has been before the courts three times for downloading indecent material of children.

The judge told Gumus: “There are a huge number of aggravating features in this case; probably the most aggravating are the previous convictions. You continually fail to comply with court orders.

“It is difficult to find mitigating factors that are available to you other than your pleas of guilty.”

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Attacker left cops for dead at the side of the road

Oxford Mail:

Oxford man Morgan Culshaw attacked two traffic officers after they tried to stop him swallowing cannabis at the side of the M40.

The 26-year-old was jailed for six years by Recorder John Hardy QC after being found guilty by jurors at Oxford Crown Court of actual bodily harm, dangerous driving, theft of one of the constable’s pepper spray and making use of a firearm with intent.

Culshaw’s prolonged attack on the two traffic officers saw him stamp on one of the PCs in the head and bite the man’s colleague.

Giving evidence to the jury, one of the officers said there came a time when he was on the ground as Culshaw towered above him. He told the driver: “No more.”

The officer, who said he feared he would die in the attack, said: “He was stood upright, looked back at me, smiled and stamped on my head.”

In a parting shot, Culshaw aimed the stolen pepper spray at the officers before getting back in his car and driving off down the M40.

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'I didn't think I wasn't allowed'

Oxford Mail:

Convicted child rapist David King, 58, said he hadn’t realised that a court order imposed in 2010 prevented him from speaking to a young Thai girl via Facebook.

He said the girl’s mother was present when he had spoken to the child and it would have been ‘extraordinarily stupid’ to groom her.

Sending him down for 16 months, Judge Maria Lamb said the Facebook messenger conversations were a ‘clear breach’ of King’s sexual harm prevention order.

“And these weren’t momentary, they were breaches with some degree of persistence and duration,” she added.

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Drug conspirator had £11,000 cash in cooking pot

Oxford Mail:

Cleaning firm boss Gloria Murray, 61, seemed to have managed to turn her life around.

But when the pandemic dealt a body blow to her business she returned to the trade that had burned her years before: drugs.

Cops linked the woman, who's previously done prison time for dealing, to £300,000-worth of cocaine. They found almost £11,000 stashed in a casserole pot at her Wheatley home – as well as another £1,000 in her purse.

Murray got six years while co-conspirator Lee Colcombe, 47, who was running the drugs, received a four year prison sentence.

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Clumsy drug dealer tried to get away from police - but ended up crashing into trolleys

Oxford Mail:

A bungling drug dealer drove his Honda into a shopping trolley bay and struck a police car as he tried – and failed – to evade capture by officers.

Officers managed to box in Asim Akram’s Honda Insight, giving the driver no means of escape. His passenger, Ibrar Hussain, fled on foot – but was swiftly caught.

Inside the vehicle, police found a total of 32g of cocaine and heroin worth approximately £4,000 on the street or £2,400 on the wholesale market. The high weights into which the drugs were packaged pointed to Akram and Hussain selling to street dealers rather than directly to addicts.

Judge Michael Gledhill QC jailed Akram for five-and-a-half years, imposing the mandatory minimum sentence for a ‘third strike’ dealer, while Hussain received three years and four months’ imprisonment.

Oxford Mail:

Akram claimed he’d taken cocaine to deal with the pain from crippling arthritis. Puncturing the mitigation, Judge Gledhill said: “The fact of the matter is that although you may have taken cocaine to alleviate your pain that is totally unnecessary, bearing in mind the very large number of drugs you are currently prescribed to do just that.

“What you were doing was nothing to do with alleviating your pain it was to earn easy money which no doubt you’d have gone on to spend on drugs.”

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'Arrest me now, officer'

Oxford Mail:

Cocaine dealer Leon Aldridge, 22, who was working off a debt, urged police to arrest him when they caught him parked up during the first lockdown.

As he sat in his 2008-plate Vauxhall Corsa in Berinsfield last March, he told the officers: “Just arrest me now. I have been doing drugs in my car.”

Messages on his phone linked him to dealing the class A drug. Judge Maria Lamb sent him down for 28 months in August.

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