Oxford Mail readers have been taking part in an ongoing debate about whether school uniforms should be abolished.

We asked on the papers’ Facebook page: “Is it time children stopped wearing school uniform and wore their own clothes?”

The majority of pupils in Oxfordshire are now returning to classes after the summer holiday.

Some readers thought school uniforms should stay while others said they would prefer to see them abolished.

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HEATHER AYRES: “There are pros and cons to this. Pro - the kids are relaxed and comfortable. Con - not all parents can afford designer clothing or the latest trainers. Bullying can become a lot worst that what it is. Keep the uniforms - just make them more affordable for parents to get.”

MATT PONTING: “No! It’s time to make all uniform more accessible! Plain jumpers, plain shirts, plain trousers and black shoes!”

GEMMA CONWAY: “I’m all for uniform, it would be a nightmare getting them ready if they could pick what to wear. Completely agree about it being plain though - I’m against school branding, especially PE Kits!”

LARA HARDING: “Matt Ponting 100%! I spent £20 on one branded (compulsory to have school logo) PE top for secondary school last night.”

MICK DUNTHORNE: “No but I think all jumpers and blazers should be plain ( so we can buy them anywhere rather than dedicated shops ) and then the school supplies it’s badge for us to put onto that uniform. Too many outlets are ripping people off cause they are the dedicated supplier for the schools and quality is rubbish.”

GILLIAN HOUALI: “Our school does this. We buy the uniform and then buy badges at £1 each for each jumper/cardigan. School have a machine and will even out the badges on for you.”

MICK DUNTHORNE: “ This means you can shop around for best prices even in the supermarkets as long as you keep to school colours ( as it should be )."

LIZ MARGIESON: “I agree and maybe it would be better just to buy a school emblems badge that can be worn year after year and put on jumpers or tops of a designated colour for that school.

“Blazers are a thing of the past and should be replaced by a jacket of ones choice that fits with the weather and time of year and a badge attached when in use for school.”

GAIL BRAZIER-SIRETT: “I don’t mind buying the blazer as my sons school one is washable.

“What annoys me is how often they change a part of the uniform and expect parents to buy new. It’s a waste of uniform as it then has to go to landfill. I like the idea of having a badge you sew on, at least if they changed it it’s only a badge that needs replacing not the whole blazer. The biggest cost is the sports kit. It’s double the cost of the uniform and only worn for 3 sessions over a two week period!”

⁠EMMA REBECKAH: “No! It helps to prepare children for the real world, where certain jobs you have rules and a uniform.”

WILL ESSON: “No, but time they wore the much cheaper options available.

“When I was young there were five uniforms to be bought and we had to buy from specific shops that were very expensive.”

SANDRA TUSTIN: “No I believe in school uniform but it should be affordable in all schools, primary and secondary."

CAROL QUELCH: “No definitely not. At least they will be wearing the same things.

“Peer pressure being what it is and children’s desire to compete for on trend clothes means many children from poorer families would be under pressure to provide what they can’t afford . Uniform is an equaliser!”

NADIA NOVAK: “Yes. Especially in primary school they shouldn’t bother. They can be really uncomfortable for children with sensory issues and can cause them to have poor concentration if all they are thinking is ‘my shoes are so tight and heavy’ ‘my trousers are so itchy.”

ELOISE HINKINSON: “My son can’t wear the trousers and shoes for those reasons so the school allows him to wear joggers and trainers. It’s the secondary school I’m worried about. Not sure if they’re so understanding.”

⁠RICKY NILSSON: “Everyone saying we should have school uniforms to avoid bullying based on clothes. Like kids have ever needed an excuse to bully someone - if it’s not this then it would be something else. Perhaps work towards having a school system that discourages bullying.”