For the first time ever a set of quadruplets have graduated from Oxford Brookes University.

Abdelrahim, Ayah, Ahmad and Osama Shaaban all studied different degrees during their time at university, which allowed them ‘to follow their own pathways but also spend time together’. 

The siblings arrived in Oxford from Dubai in 2018, after choosing to study at Oxford Brookes following a recruitment event.

The quadruplets studied accounting and finance, interior architecture, business and management and law, respectively.

Mark O’Keeffe, Deputy Director of Global Recruitment at Oxford Brookes, said: “I’m absolutely delighted to see the success they have all had and to know that their experience at Brookes has been so positive.”

Ahmad, who won the university’s Spark Award for his start-up idea, said it was ‘easy to adapt’ to the move as all the siblings were together.

Osama, on the other hand, found the transition harder. He said: “As a family-oriented person, my exposure to a new culture made me homesick.

“But the inclusiveness of the university and support of staff and our peers definitely made the transition more swift.”

Due to the pandemic the siblings had to fly home in March 2020 and completed their degrees via online learning.

Abelrahim said that during this time his academic advisor was a ‘strong source of guidance’ for both his course and applying for his masters degree.

Ahmad felt online learning was successful to the support of the teaching staff, he said: “As well as recording lectures and seminars, they utilised several tools like Jamboards and slides to make teaching more engaging.”

All three of the brothers are undertaking master’s degrees following their graduation. Osama aims to qualify as a solicitor, Ahmad hopes to work as a technology consultant and Abdelrahim wants to become a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Ayah has her sights set on a job with a top architecture firm. She said: “I’d love to work with Zaha Hadid’s company - she's a very inspiring role model for me.”