Paul Taylor who is doing a road trip through places with rude names in memory of a friend who died of cancer has run into trouble.

Car and bike enthusiast Mr Taylor, who was doing the 1,800 miles on a 49cc classic Tomos moped with a dizzying top speed of 28mph, reached Twatt in the Orkneys on Wednesday.

However, he broke down the next morning in Aberdeenshire when the moped expired near Cairn O'Mount.

Mr Taylor, from Wantage, wrote on his Just Giving page: "With the top end seized, I wait for the RAC (three hours so far and apparently another hour and a half away) to take my wounded friend and me home. Gutted. In the end it was you that was piston broke first Tomos."

He came up with the idea for "the Moronic Marathon" after his good friend Alexis Leventis died of cancer last year, aged 55.

Oxford Mail: Alexis Leventis and Paul Taylor share beers last year

“Cancer is such an awful disease, and I knew I wanted to do something to help, but I don't really know where the idea for this fundraiser came from," he said.

“I'd seen some silly place names on the internet, and started doing more research, and then the plan just gained momentum.”

He joked: "I told Alexis about my idea when he was alive, and he thought it was really funny, although a bit mad, but I don't think he actually thought I'd go through with it."

Mr Taylor is now completing the journey, which has already taken in Booze in the Yorkshire Dales, Brawl in the Highlands and Cockpole Green in Berkshire, in a hire car.

Oxford Mail: Paul Taylor leaving Shitterton in Dorset on August 18

He is due to complete the trip, which started on August 18 in Shitterton, Dorset, in Bell End, Worcestershire, on Saturday.

He has already raised nearly £20,000 for the Institute of Cancer Research.

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