AN OXFORD musician has written a song, poking fun at Brexit, which he wants to submit for next year’s Eurovision contest.

This year’s Eurovision contest resulted in a win for Italy with the UK being left at the bottom of the pile with a grand total of zero points from neither the judges nor the public.

Malcolm Atkins, who lives on Westbury Crescent, near Rose Hill, said he created the song in hope that it would ‘get more than 0 points’.

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Mr Atkins, who runs the Westbury People’s Gallery at his home, created the song called ‘We’ll Trade Again’ as part of his ongoing artistic discussions around topics such as Brexit and climate change.

He said: “The entry hasn’t come up yet, but we thought it was an appropriate take for Eurovision and we hoped it would get more than 0 points.

“Eurovision is taken so seriously, and these things are much better when we take them less seriously and have a laugh.

“It is not about whether you win or not – when you try to present yourself seriously, in what is a fairly not serious competition, it might not go well.”

Mr Atkins said the song is an extension of the work that is presented in his outdoor gallery.

The community gallery features tongue-in-cheek caricatures of prominent politicians, such as Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, and Michael Gove, painted on the side of Mr Atkins house, and several other art displays such as a ‘graveyard’ of what has been ‘lost’ to Brexit.

Mr Atkins wanted to create the space to allow locals to engage in topical discussions, from environmental issues to Brexit and the ‘rise of populism’.

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He said: “The song fits in with what we are doing at the gallery, discussing issues of Brexit and Climate Change so it’s an ongoing thing.”

Entries to the Eurovision Song Contest will be open between September and December of this year and Mr Atkins hopes his piece will be selected.

The musician has also created a video to accompany his song which shows a comedic portrayal of Mr Atkins wearing a mask of Boris Johnson’s face and dressed up as a clown.

He added: “The aim is just to laugh about Brexit – forget about it.

“Obviously some of us feel some huge mistakes have been made, but now is the time to stop arguing and sort the mistakes and face up to those.”

You can watch the video on YouTube by visiting