RESEARCH has found that Oxford University produces the highest average graduate salary in the UK.

The latest research from Ezra, which provides digital coaching, reveals which UK universities produce the best-paid graduates and how their earnings compare to the average salary within each university’s town or city location.

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Data was sourced from Save the Student, Office for National Statistics (ONS), GradTouch and Raisin UK.

The study found that the average UK graduate salary within five years of leaving university is £24,000.  

Oxford graduates earn 45 per cent more than this, with an average graduate salary of £34,802.

This is followed very closely by the University of Cambridge where the average graduate salary is £34,720, 44.7 per cent above the UK average.

Oxford Brookes graduates however earn an average of £28,795 within five years of graduating, 20 per cent above the average.

University rankings: Oxford ranks third, while Oxford Brookes University ranks 97th

Ezra’s research also reveals that only a handful of higher education institutes produce graduates who earn more than the local average earnings of their respective towns or cities, within five years of leaving university.

For example, Oxford University ranks third with an average graduate salary 11.4 per cent above the local average annual gross salary which is £31,232, according to ONS.

While Oxford Brookes is ranked 11th with graduates earning less than the local salary at -7.8 per cent.

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