Oxford Mail readers have joined the debate about Uber’s new pilot scheme with taxi company 001 Oxford.

Uber’s ‘Local Cab’ feature allows passengers to book a trip with a local taxi company through the Uber app.

Many local taxi drivers who do not work for 001 are concerned that this pilot will put the livelihoods of some local drivers at stake and this week staged a protest outside the town hall, as the app has not been granted an operating licence in the city.

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Azmat Sherwani, protest organiser and head of Say No to Uber said: “Oxford council have not approved Uber for a licence, they have not been able to get into the area because they have had their licence rejected many times.

“What Uber has now done is bought a software provider that supplies software nationally to the taxi industry which gives them a back door into certain areas.

“They are now coming into Oxford and it is going to be catastrophic to all these drivers that are here because they will be potentially losing their businesses.”

HAYLEY WITTS: “Taxi drivers aren’t afraid of competition just the unlicensed and dangerous people driving taxis!”

RIZWAN KHAN: “Big up to Uber. We love this new comparator in the market.”

LEWIS MARTIN: “Yes to Uber.”

DEBS MC: “Proper pay and conditions for cab drivers. DBS checks for cab drivers equals better public safety.”

RIZWAN KHAN: “Instead of crying on the streets just get on with it n accept the consequences.”

GEMMA DOUGLAS: “I’ve been a taxi driver for 14years I say yes to Uber.

“Then we will not have to pay out as much do the test that we have to do at the moment which means we will be able to charge them same as them as we will not have to pay out as much good luck to them I say.”

OWEN MOORE: “We want Uber.”

ALAN CAMPBELL: “How corrupt is this industry?”

LUVENIA PRICE: “I will still use Royal Cars - it’s a great taxi company!”

FELIPE SAITO: “Uber for Oxford.”

GEORGINA GRANVILLE: “Good for the licensed taxi drivers - get Uber out.”

BEN MOODY: “Taxi drivers are afraid of more competition.”

FELIPE SAITO: “Say yes to Uber local.”

SIMON GANNON: “Ban all taxis in Oxford.”

INDER TEJI: “More cars more service - say no to monopoly.”

ALAN CAMPBELL: “Keep up with the times.”

HEMEN HUSSEIN: “We want Uber.”

ANTON ZEELIE: “Don’t like competition much?”

JUSTIN KING: “It is their career choice.”

ADI MATI: “Who wants to Use a black cab? They are most expensive.”

MIHAIL JAB: “Uber nice - it’s much cheaper.”

STEVE HILL: “Does Uber ‘recognise unions’?

“Only after a long and hard battle did they capitulate to paying sick and holiday pay!”

TAHIR FAYYAZ: “Are black cab drivers a law to themselves?”

In March Uber insisted its fares would not rise after saying that its 70,000 UK drivers would be guaranteed a minimum wage, holiday pay and pensions.

The ride-hailing giant said drivers would earn at least the National Living Wage, or £8.72 an hour, in a move that could shake up the wider gig economy.

It came a month after it lost a legal battle in the UK over drivers’ status.

Uber said it was “turning the page” on workers’ rights, but some said it had not gone far enough.

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Analysts also warned the company had increased prices in California after a similar ruling and was likely to do the same in the UK.

Uber’s chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi said at the time: “This is a significant improvement in the standard of work for UK drivers. But I know many observers won’t pat us on the back for taking this step, which comes after a five-year legal battle. They have a point, though I hope the path that we chose shows our willingness to change.”

Union leaders and employment experts said Uber’s move would have far reaching consequences for the gig economy. Lawyer Rachel Mathieson, who represented Uber drivers fighting for worker rights, called it “a very significant milestone”.

One union complained Uber would still not pay drivers for the time they spent waiting in between jobs. The changes also did not apply to Uber Eats couriers.