An ‘accessible’ and ‘inclusive’ music festival is coming to Oxfordshire this weekend, to celebrate the life of a disabled woman who ‘simply adored music’.

J-Fest is a celebration of life festival to honour Jody Dickinson, who passed aged 32 in April 2021.

Jody had multiple disabilities and could only be taken out in her wheelchair. However, her family spent their lives ensuring she could live as full and rich life as possible by taking her to festivals, raves, nightclubs and other music events.

Kyley Dickinson, Jody’s older sister and one the festival organisers, said: “She was at her happiest when a beat was playing!

“Jody became a bit of a celebrity at some of the events and got to meet some amazing artists and festival goers who in turn helped her enjoy each and every event.

“They are memories so fond to us that creating a festival for her passing seemed so fitting - hence the creation of J-Fest.”

A huge fan of music, Jody played tracks by Lou Bega, Louis Armstrong and Puff Daddy ‘on repeat’.

Oxford Mail: The J-Fest line up (J-Fest/Kyley Dickinson)The J-Fest line up (J-Fest/Kyley Dickinson)

As well as music from live bands and DJ’s across two stages, entertainment, children’s events and a low noise firework display, the festival also aims to highlight accessibility.

Miss Dickinson said people might not aware that ‘festivals are not at all easily accessible to those that need extra assistance, in fact they are a complete nightmare’.

The festival will utilise ramped access to the stage, sign language interpreters and a Mobiloo toilet – the most accessible toilet with hoists. Alongside this, food catering will be run in conjunction with Steady Chefs, a catering school for young adults with learning difficulties and disabilities.

On making all venues more accessible, Miss Dickinson said: “There should not be a divide between customers who are completely able and those that need a bit extra help.

“That is what it comes down to with a lot of places: venues feel the people who need a bit extra help rank second to those who do not.

“With J-Fest, we want to make it that there are things there for people who need it, but it is not a big deal.”

Oxford Mail: Jody with her family (Kyley Dickinson)Jody with her family (Kyley Dickinson)

She added: “Jody deserves for the world to know her name and the legacy of having one of the UK's best accessible festivals, created in her honour, still would not do her justice but it is what we would love to happen.”

J-Fest takes places on Sunday 29 August at Poplars Farm in Charney Bassett. Tickets can be purchased from TicketSource.