AN Oxford dessert parlour has been having problems supplying its crepe and waffle mix.

Heavenly Desserts in Headington serves a range of luxury sweet treats from ice cream to cakes and puddings.

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But over the past few months, the restaurant in London Road has at times been unable to serve pancakes and waffles due to supply issues.

The dessert parlour said the troubles are down to a variety of problems including a lack of lorry drivers, Brexit and Covid. 

Nick Gemmell, operations manager at Heavenly Desserts said: "It's an ongoing issue unfortunately and it's primarily due to the situation with delivery drivers and products coming from abroad and the Brexit situation hasn't helped.

Oxford Mail:

"Following restrictions lifting and with everything getting back into flow there's lots of orders going out. There's various issues but we're working with suppliers to make this transition period as smooth as possible.

"We do face difficulties along the way with various products but we're working with them and it's not too bad. We're getting to the end of it hopefully."

McDonald’s is the latest to be hit by supply woes when it announced yesterday that it had temporarily halted selling milkshakes and bottled drinks.

It comes after Nando’s was last week forced to shut around 50 restaurants amid a chicken shortage, blaming staffing shortages at suppliers and a reduced number of lorry drivers.

Rival KFC also warned recently that supply chain issues meant it was unable to stock some menu items.

Logistics UK has said there is currently a shortfall of 90,000 HGV drivers, a number that has only been increased by Brexit trade rules and Covid-19 restrictions.

Mr Gemmell added that the hospitality industry as a whole is struggling to get back on its feet post-lockdown.

He said: "I've got many friends in the industry and everybody in various restaurants are facing difficulties across the board so it is just a difficult period for everybody involved at the moment.

Oxford Mail:

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"Even with the staffing situation, that's another element that's difficult for everyone. Because people are still on furlough people aren't going back to work so when you put an advert out for someone, until furlough is fully lifted and people know where they stand with their employers, we're not really seeing too many uptakes in jobs.

"I presume after September when furlough comes out of play I think we'll see a lot more candidates for jobs."

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