THERE were 451 homes lying empty in Oxford worth a staggering combined total of more than £180 million.

In February, insurance company Admiral analysed government data and gathered data from local councils through Freedom of Information requests  to investigate where in the South East the most homes have been sitting empty and unused for the longest periods of time.

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The research revealed that a total of 9,989 homes, collectively worth £3.2 billion, have been left empty across the South East for years.

Of these, 451 were located in Oxford and were altogether worth a total of £180,400,000.

Of the homes that had been empty for 2-4 years, Wealden had the highest in the South East, while Oxford had the fifth highest with 377.

All the empty houses in the region that have stood vacant for more than two years were worth £3,226,450,831.

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Oxford is ranked second for its collective value of longer-term vacant houses (2-4 years).

Admiral found that in the city, properties that were empty for 2-4 years were worth £150,800,000, while houses that were empty for 5-9 years have a collective value of 26,800,000.

Oxford is ranked number nine when it comes to the combined value of houses that have been empty for 5-9 years, with a total of £26,800,000.

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