WITH holidays abroad continuing to be a gamble due to the pandemic, Britons are re-discovering the joys of travelling across the UK. 

And according to new research, Oxford to Wye Valley is the UK’s third most dog-friendly road trip, scoring 28.3 out of the possible 50. 

More than 3.2 million households have bought pets during lockdowns, bringing the total of pet-owning homes in the UK up to 17 million.

But even the most experienced owners have reported their furry companions getting more demanding this year as they've spent more hours together than ever before. 

New research from tails.com has uncovered the top 10 most dog-friendly road trips across the UK and the Oxford route has made a surprising appearance in the top three. 

The five main stopping points are Oxford, Cotswold, Cheltenham, Gloucester and Ross-on-wye. 

The route had a total of 564 dog-friendly Airbnbs, 220 vets and 101 dog-friendly restaurants available at the main stopping points. The road trip also had one of the highest numbers of walking trails, with 317. 

Top 10 dog-friendly road trips in the UK: 

  1. Edinburgh to Kirkwall - Score 31.7/50 
  2. Atlantic Highway - 30.1 
  3. Oxford to Wye Valley 28.3 
  4. Plymouth to Southampton - 27.6 
  5. Royal Deeside Tourist Route - 25.9 
  6. The Cambrian Way - 25.4 
  7. Kendal to Keswick - 23.4 
  8. Heart 200 - 23.4 
  9. Cardiff to Tenby - 22.9 
  10. The Lake District Loop - 22.6