When artist Andy Bullock moved into his new house in Oxford, he didn’t expect to find the work of mathematician Clifford Dowker.

Amid the junk, Mr. Bullock found Dowker’s mathematical hand-written formulae, the theory of knots, which has inspired his first solo exhibition, AWAKEN.

Having Dyscalculia, never did Mr. Bullock think he would be putting on an exhibition inspired by math, but he saw more than just numbers in the theories.

He said: “It was initially the language used in the theories - so much more than just numbers, I guess I saw a poetry in text that inspired me.”

Oxford Mail: A ‘Nightwatcher’ sculpture in the courtyard garden A ‘Nightwatcher’ sculpture in the courtyard garden

Mr. Bullock has donned many hats; he studied graphic design at school, worked as an art director in France, then as a photographer in London, before finally finding his way to Fine Art. Although, he claims that his work has always been far more heavily focused on the artistic side of things.

He recently completed his Masters in Fine Art from Oxford Brookes University, which he described as an amazing, yet somewhat challenging experience in such strange times, because of the restricted access to studios and workshops.

Oxford Mail: Sweet sapphire blues, acrylic on canvases Sweet sapphire blues, acrylic on canvases

The exhibition features a lot of paintings, something Mr. Bullock didn’t think he would end up doing. He said: “Before my recent MFA I had not really painted for over 20 years and was certain that it would not figure in my work.

“That was until the first lockdown happened and my world, like everyone else’s, was turned on its head and I had a completely different thought process.

“I picked up paints and got obsessed with applying paint to canvas again. I made over 30 paintings in the past 12 months.”

Even though the paintings took the longest to perfect, it is the sound element of the sculpture installation ‘All we ever wanted was everything’ that Mr. Bullock finds particularly moving.

The show has received a fantastic response so far, and has left him overwhelmed by all the interest in his work.

Oxford Mail: Tapestry in sound, acrylic on canvas Tapestry in sound, acrylic on canvas

His work has found appreciation from an international art dealer based in London and Paris, who has signed Mr. Bullock on, something that was completely unexpected, according to Mr. Bullock.

He added: “It was nothing I had solicited or even remotely had in my mind. It feels like a pivotal point for me with my art career, we will be working together in the traditional artist-art dealer relationship and they are also opening a new gallery space in Mayfair in October, so a very exciting time all round.

“We are meeting at the end of the month to draw up a plan, which will definitely be long-term. This is someone I trust completely with my career and who will allow me to make the work I want and to say the things I feel I want to say.”

Andy Bullock’s AWAKEN runs at Darle and the Bear in Woodstock from August 12 – 31. For more information go to the Darle and the Bear website