School life is filled with choice. Which club or society will I join, which team will I play in, which subjects should I choose for my GCSEs or A Levels, what shall I have for lunch today? While the decisions vary from the simple and immediate, through to decisions that may impact future careers, the chance to make these decisions is important.

At Rye, we choose to empower our pupils. We give them the opportunity to find their voice and to be part of an exciting and shifting journey for the school and for themselves. Since Rye’s opening in 1930, the voice of pupils has always been central to the way the school has evolved. We see school as a platform not just for academic learning, but also for developing transferable skills that ensure all our pupils move into exciting and successful careers upon graduation. 

Those who have led or contributed to School Council know how to be ambassadors for change, how to negotiate and present. Those who attend Food Committee understand the need to juggle the competing passions of Year 2, Year 9 and Year 11 for perceived enjoyable but healthy food, while also keeping a close eye on food waste, carbon footprint and eating local. Their roles lead them to work closely with all members of the school community from chefs, caretakers, technicians, to the Bursar and Head. Negotiation and thorough planning is key!

Oxford Mail:

The unique and decidedly individual approach that is the foundation of our school means that all Rye pupils take a lead. Rye offers opportunity for every pupil to find their skills and talents and to use these to be the best person they can be.

We see our pupils as the individuals they are; made and shaped at Rye, but individually and wonderfully themselves. Whether they go on to be surgeons and doctors, ballet dancers, work for the UN or an NGO, accountants for one of the top 5, farmers, or Oscar winning actors and directors, they go with the confidence instilled in them at Rye.

Our choice to be different by design is under-pinned by our pupils who are true to themselves and empowered to use their talents and gifts. Whether it is building an electric racing car, designing a 3D art structure, composing a piece of music to be performed by a professional orchestra, taking Rye’s netball team on its tour to Barbados, or leading French lessons at a local primary school, Rye offers every child, every opportunity. The challenge is which one to choose first!