Ask any tourist where they'd like to visit in the UK and Oxford is sure to come as one of their top choices. The medieval architecture and millennia worth of wisdom make our city an attractive choice.

So, this got us thinking... what's the weirdest question a tourist has ever asked you in Oxford? 

Unsurprisingly, the most commonly asked question is "where's the university?". Amy Jo'Anne Johnson said: "Where is Oxford University? Where are the nightclubs? When stood in the middle of City Centre surrounded by nightclubs!"

Meanwhile, Andrea Cable got asked, "Where can we see the students studying?". Bit of an odd one for a fun day out, but we are not here to judge. 

Standing in front of the Carfax Tower while trying to look for it, and pointing at the Thames while calling it the Oxford river are just some other examples of clueless tourists trying to make the most of their visit. 

Kirienne Clarke's favourite was the time they asked her “excuse me, can you park my car?” in Beaumont street.

While welcoming tourists can be a bit of a drag for locals having to put with busy streets and people stopping on their tracks to take selfies, the reality is that it can also enrich people's lives and make our time on earth a little bit better if only briefly.

Such was the case for Monika Alicja Tuzimek, who ended up striking a friendship with a 'random girl on the street'. She said: "She asked me about the most beautiful and untypical places in Oxford not known for tourists.

"We ended up with a whole day of walking, talking, sightseeing and visiting my favourite places that only locals know about.

"Then she stayed overnight, booking spontaneously through the Couchsurfing app. The next day I helped her with tickets to Cambridge. 

"That was 4 years ago. We are still in contact and I think I can call her a good friend."

James Collins ventured on a similar sightseeing experience, he said: "A tourist from Philadelphia, in her slippers, asked me one morning for a chemist. Ended up giving her a full tour of Oxford."

And while Michael Taylor may not have struck up a friendship when a lost young girl asked for directions, but he was able to show the tourist true kindness by helping her stay safe.

The young girl asked in broken English for Michael to help her find where she was staying. He said: "It involved trying to figure out which bit of Oxford the poor lost girl was staying in, deciphering a garbled set of instructions, and taking her there. Past midnight.

"I was truly horrified. Young Japanese girl, basically stranded, with an incomplete address. Jetlagged and no functional English."

But tourists may be more than just geographically lost, perhaps they are losing their minds when hearing locals speak.

Christine King said: "Working behind a bar in a pub in Woodstock, selling traditional beers served from the wooden caskets I asked if the customer wanted a beer (real ale) 'from the wood'.

"He said no from here... meaning the pub. Very hard not to laugh... I hasten to add once I explained what I meant, he tried the beer from the wood."

But not everyone who steps in Oxford wants to stay in Oxford. Locals have had to answer 'how do I get to Cambridge' and even 'how do you get to the Queen's House?' though that tourist must have been in for a treat after realising the Queen would've been either in London, Windsor or Balmoral. 

Sarah Walker hasn't offered any insight into what her answer to "do you like Swindon?" was, but we hope she recommended a relaxing drive around Moonrakers and a tour of the magic roundabout. 

Meanwhile, we can't think of anything that says 'I want to experience the wonders of Oxford' as much as asking for directions to the nearest KFC.