Hares, Blue Tits and Kingfishers are just some of the Oxfordshire wildlife captured around the South Stoke countryside.

The gorgeous shots were taken by photographer Simon Booker.

Mr Booker, a local amateur wildlife photographer, recalled his father was involved in photography and he did ‘a bit’ at college.

He said: “Four years ago I started taking iPhone pictures and posting to FB. People liked them and my daughter suggested we go 50/50 on a ‘proper camera’.

“Once I got an SLR in my hand the passion rekindled but purchasing a long lens has been a revolution and inspiration.”

Mr Booker said his favourite animals to photograph are kingfishers as they have always been ‘special’ to him.

He said: “I used to draw them as a kid at school and photographically and fieldcraft wise they are very demanding. Fleeting and blisteringly fast to photograph in flight."

Mr Booker shares his photography on his website as well as local social media pages, for locals to enjoy. 

Mr Booker stated he never gives out the exact locations of the hares he photographs as ‘coarsers on social media are an ongoing problem’.

Oxford Mail: 'First light' (Simon Booker)'First light' (Simon Booker)

Mr Booker described this as his 'favourite Hare image ever'. 

The image shows the morning light shining through the sensitive ear membrane of the hare. 

He said: "This one was so serene and relaxed, but I'm sure it knew I was there."

Oxford Mail: 'Barn Owl - "Don't Look Up"' (Simon Booker)'Barn Owl - "Don't Look Up"' (Simon Booker)

This mid-air shot shows a barn owl flying through the Oxfordshire countryside, perhaps searching the fields below for a mouse or two? 

Mr Booker said: "I love this image. Its the focus and the wing position, just so stunning and so lethal."

Oxford Mail: 'Archangel' (Simon Booker)'Archangel' (Simon Booker)

This photograph is Mr Booker’s favourite he has taken in Oxfordshire, he described it as ‘probably my most challenging shot to date’.

The photograph captures a male Kingfisher in perfect pose hovering above a private lake in South Oxfordshire.

He said: "After 3 days of research I knew this lake had Kingfishers 'skim' the water but with no obvious 'perch' I had no idea where they would be, so took up a best guess position & waited. 

"My planning and patience paid of with this shot I call "Archangel" at 20 yards away."

Oxford Mail: 'Birds of Prey' the Blue Tit! (Simon Booker) 'Birds of Prey' the Blue Tit! (Simon Booker)

This shot highlights the detailed feathers of the Blue Tit. 

Mr Brooker spent 45 minutes watching these two Blue Tits 'hoovering up grubs and caterpillars 'in the wild' in a ditch near Little Stoke Railway Bridge'.

He said: "I have a new admiration for these guys - their work rate is something we should aspire to."

Oxford Mail:

This action shot shows two hares running towards the camera in the morning light.

He said: "When Hares run right toward you it can be quite scary with the full 360 vision and eyes that would pierce a wall!"

Oxford Mail: 'The moment of "stand off" with Roe Buck' (Simon Booker)'The moment of "stand off" with Roe Buck' (Simon Booker)

This close up photograph of a deer was taken a mere five yards away from the animal. 

Mr Booker described the interaction with the deer as a five second moment where 'you are scanned as 'friend or foe' and the 'fight or flight' kicks in'. 

He said: "In this case I had already donned a balaclava and froze. I couldn't hide as I was walking an unsighted black labrador!

"The Dog never saw it as the grass was too long!"

Oxford Mail: 'Short Eared Owl at Dusk' (Simon Booker)'Short Eared Owl at Dusk' (Simon Booker)

Mr Booker said there is 'absolutely no feeling' like the approach of a Short Eared Owl.

He added: "Two yellow pool balls burn into you! So glad I am not a rodent!

"Probably the best moment of my 3 years of photography."