THERE'S nothing like enjoying a delicious ice cream in the summer to cool you down.

An array of flavours and textures are avilable from a variety of shops, cafes and dessert parlours in Oxford. But where can you get the best ice cream?

We've rounded up all of the places in Oxford where you can get ice cream that has a four-star or more rating on Google reviews.

Alfonso Gelateria, Banbury Road - 5 stars

Beth Kamen said in a review online: "My partner and I started going to Alfonso when we were working from home last summer - it was the perfect treat at the end of the day and we couldn't stop going back.

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"The gelato is absolutely delicious (certainly the best we have tried in Oxford), my favourite flavour is Mango but there are always amazing new specials to try too. 

Oxford Mail: Picture: Alfonso GelateriaPicture: Alfonso Gelateria

"Lewis, the owner, is lovely and we are very lucky to have authentic Italian gelato here in Oxford."

iScream Gelateria, Covered Market - 4.6 stars

Aitor Monreal Urcelay said in a review on Google: "I took the peach gelato thinking that it would probably be too shallow on the flavour. I was very impressed to discover how wrong I actually was.

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"The flavour and creaminess of their ice screams is incredible. Keep it up."

Oxford Mail: Graham MacDonald at iScream GelateriaGraham MacDonald at iScream Gelateria

Swoon Gelato, High Street - 4.6 stars

Amie Dolton left a review saying: "Oh my gosh. Swoon I did. Absolutely insanely good gelato. I swear I have never tried something creamier in my life. A must try."

Oxford Mail: Swoon. Pic: Ed NixSwoon. Pic: Ed Nix

Kaspas Desserts, Gloucester Green - 4.6 stars

Henna Kamran said in a review: "Amazing place, very aesthetic. Loved the ice cream, made with a lot of effort."

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Oxford Mail: Kaspa's Desserts. Pic: Ed NixKaspa's Desserts. Pic: Ed Nix

George and Davis, Little Clarendon Street - 4.5 stars

Khalid Chaudary said in a review: "The ice cream was amazingly fresh and delicious. It's not as sweet, but has that creamy goodness-taste full of flavour."

Oxford Mail: George and DavisGeorge and Davis

George and Delila, Cowley Road - 4.4 stars

Kay said in a review: "Ordered mango sorbet, raspberry and lemon sorbet (I think) and the New york blues.

"The sorbets were just normal but the New York blues was so nice. Probably one of the best milk based ice creams I've ever had. It was super creamy and I just loved it."

George and Danver, St Aldate's - 4.4 stars

V Amodio said in a review on Google: "One of the best ice creams I have had outside London. Very good value for money. Definitely aren't trying to fleece their customers like so many other establishment in Oxford.

"All the flavours are delicious. Great for the kids."

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Heavenly Desserts, Headington - 4.4 stars

Naomi Swain left a review saying: "Where to begin? It's superb. I love their coconut, cinnamon, hazelnut and coffee ice creams, their lemon sorbet.. the list goes on. This is my go to local."

Sundaes Gelato, Cowley Road - 4 stars

Alexander Lauder-Bliss said in a review: "Gelato with great texture and good selection of flavours. One of the better gelato places."

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